Monday, December 6, 2010

Baskets Everywhere

Lots and lots of  little 4 inch baskets.  I am seeing them in my sleep,  but I am enjoying the making of this quilt more than any I have made lately.  Luna Notte and these little baskets are perfect for each other. This will be a large quilt of course.  I can't seem to keep them small, lol.

This is as far as I have gotten this week.  Not sure of the final layout.  I am thinking I may put a small containment border in there somewhere to break up the pattern, and then add more baskets on around that border.  That doesn't make much sense when I say it, but maybe you will understand.  So far I have made 84 baskets, and I figure 84 more will probably do it.

Visit Patchwork Times for updates on Design Wall Monday. Thank you Judy for giving us a place to post our progress on our quilting projects.  Helps keep me focused on getting some quilting accomplished.