Thursday, April 8, 2010

I think I might have goofed

For those of you who follow Judy's  blog, she posted about these rolls found at  Fogo de Chao.  Well, I finally got around to making them, but I don't think I did them right.  These look pretty good here, however.
For one thing, I didn't mix the batter up real well, lol, and it sure made a mess in the bottom of my oven. (from the corn oil that overflowed I think).  I have to giggle every time I think of that.  We had just cleaned it about a month ago too. 

So some of them were tough as nails, and one pan I couldn't even get out.  Oh, and the recipe makes 5 pans of 12...that is a lot of rolls, even small ones, for 2 people, lol. I will try again because I am fascinated with them.  I ate a dozen of them as it was.  The cleaning lady took the rest of them home, not sure she liked them, but was probably afraid to say no, she didn't want them. 

In another life I was an excellent cook.  I am no longer.  I don't remember how, for one thing, because Aud has done the cooking for the last 18 years until recently, and I have no memory.  And hers was getting pretty bad (her cooking and her memory) and she decided she was through cooking,  so I was elected. I am having to remember how to cook again.  I am scouring the net and buying more cookbooks and slowly but surely am finding my way again.  However, I have come upon a period where what I am cooking is not too good.  I certainly hope that changes soon. Both Aud and I are fearful every time we sit down to eat one of my creations. These rolls are a prime example.  My mind wanders off so much I forget where I am in a recipe. And with everything else that is going on, I am too tired to really think about it evidently.  Sad thing is, we aren't losing any weight thanks to Ben and Jerry's Cherry Garcia.  

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Thanks to all of you who commented on my last post.  I did take Aud to the doctor this afternoon and, yes, she has shingles.  I am waiting on a prescription now.

The ultram she takes is helping a lot with the pain, and hopefully the script will make it a lot better.

What in the World is This?

This just worries me to pieces.  Aud has complained all day of her arm hurting her and she has aches and pains quite often from arthritis, as do I, and some days the pain is worse, so we both just attributed it to that.  She takes 8 pills a day of  Ultrim, which is a pain med, but it hasn't seemed to help. And since she had on a long sleeved t shirt all day neither of us noticed anything unusual.

Well, she took a bath a little bit ago, and just came in here and showed this to me.  It looks like hives with little blisters all over.  And just on her right arm.  And it hurts.  I have no idea what it is or what to do for it. 

I think we are both hoping it will go away while we sleep. So weird. We haven't done anything out of the ordinary, although she did sit out on the back porch some yesterday while we were working in the yard, but I don't think that is what has caused this.

I think it may be from stress.  A long time ago I had hives like this when my son decided to try to cut his fingers off by riding a rolling fence and he got his fingers caught in the rollers.  Due to the presence of a great surgeon he did not lose his fingers or the dexterity of his fingers, but I had stupid hives for a year every time I got stressed over something. 

Bless her heart, it seems to be one weird thing after another. 

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

March Madness at OKPeri's

It has been a while since I posted, but March was "one of those months" evidently.  A chronicle of events, not sure they are in the right order.
Most importantly, Aud ended up in the ER about 3 weeks ago (I think that is about right).  She had not been feeling very good and was having trouble breathing. Sweet Mama did not want to go to the doctor.  I finally started getting worried enough to ignore her wishes and she ended up in the hospital with blood clots in her lungs and left leg. Of course this happened on a Friday afternoon around 5, lol, and we spent about 7 hours in the ER before she was admitted. Was in there for 5 days.

I bought her home and now we have oxygen in the house because she is on oxygen full time. This is what the oxygen guys bring you when you have a tank running full time.

I did have to take her into the ER last Friday morning at 12 am.  She is on coumidin (not sure of spelling) to dissolve the blood clots and if that particular medicine is not regulated it can be very bad.  Her nose started bleeding profusely so I called 911 and within 7 minutes we had 5 firemen, 2 paramedics, firetruck and ambulance at the house.  After she was stable she was transported to the hospital and after 4 hours we were allowed to go home. I think this scared her some, I know it did me.  Coumidin is not a fun drug.  It is basically rat poison I have been told.

Made a follow up doc visit today.  Was informed she will probably be on coumidin from now on, but possibly will be able to be on oxygen only part time. So I do have hope that she will be ok, just a little limited in her activities.  We have managed to go out to eat a couple of times, and her energy level seems to be getting better.

While all of this was going on, I was also taking care of decisions concerning a kitchen remodeling and painting project we have decided to do.

Ready for finished.  Will show finished when I get it all straightened up, lol.

Also, it is time for yard work.  Below is a picture of the wonderful lilies I got from Oakes Daylilies in Tennessee.  I bought lilies from them when I landscaped our house in Texas, and when I finally got around to doing something to our yard up here, I have been ordering a few each year.  I am running out of places to put them unless I put in more flower beds, but they are just wonderful and these are the ones I have ordered this year. I am going to have to thin my beds out at the end of the growing season, they have gotten so thick. If you live close enough to come when we thin them in the fall, you are welcome to some.

This is a portion of the backyard  that I have been working on for the last couple of days.  It is all done now except for 2 hostas and 3 clematis vines I have ordered from Paradise Garden, sister company of Oakes Daylilies. We have a swale in the back yard that collects water when it rains and I decided the best way to "fix" it was to put rocks in it, make it look like a creek bed.  Will show pictures soon. Looks great!!

Here is a picture of the colors I have picked out for the kitchen we are going to redo.  I am so excited about this I can't keep from giggling. I have the cabinets ordered, they should be here in a month hopefully. The cabinet color is called muslin, lol, perfect for a quilter, huh. Quartz countertop and travertine tile backsplash with a touch of OU Sooner crimson, lol.  It is a little darker than true OU color, but pretty close. 

Ok, I think that catches me up.  Aud and I are doing ok, we do manage to have a giggle now and then, like when we are standing at the kitchen sink at 10 at night before we go to bed and have our evening "cocktail" of   
prune juice!  :>)  Life in old age is not for wimps, that's for sure.