Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Catching Up

I guess it is time I showed up again.  I know it has been a long time since I have posted and I appreciate those of you who have inquired about Aud and I.

Aud turned 96 on October 11, and she is still going strong.  Not as strong as before, but she is hanging in.  The sight has diminshed in her left eye due to the coumidin (that is not spelled right and I am too lazy to look it up, lol) she has to take.

I have taken her to an eye specialist and now she has had two shots into her eye, a month apart, and is seeing much better.

Here she is with her leg brace on, her back brace on, her cap to keep the glare out, and her trusty bag that holds her Iphone, Kindle, and Ipad.  She would probably wring my neck for posting this picture but at least she is up and moving. And, her sense of humor is still perking along. 

I took this picture this past weekend, and since then her back has really been giving her problems and
she can hardly get around so I got her a four wheel walker with a basket and brakes, and a seat to sit in if she can't make it another step and she is moving right along back and forth between her bedroom and the ktichen area.  Her old walker now sits at the door of the living room, which is sunken, and she transfers everything to her bag and steps down and uses that walker to move to her chair.  It works out pretty well. 

I have acquired a few more health problems in the last several months also, so there are days that I don't get around too good either, but I have lots of energy when I can get around.  

As a result of that energy, I have been getting some quilting done, and finally finished up my batik basket quilt that has given me fits for months.  I am in the process of binding it but this will give you an idea of what it looks like. 

Have finished up a couple of other quilts, but don't have pictures handy so I will try to post more  sooner than later.  

I am still playing bridge a couple of times a week, and am the treasurer of our local quilt guild this year, so there is no grass growing under my feet.  Just wish I could work some cooking into my schedule, but that seems to be on the very very back burner for now.  

Hope everyone is perking along at life in the best way they are able, and all is well with each of you.

See you later!