Thursday, December 25, 2008

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Life at the Funny Farm

Do you see a pattern here? Thursdays seem to be the "adventure day". This might be because this is the day I take Aud to have her hair done and then we run whatever errands need to be done and usually go eat somewhere that has "good food".

I actually thought maybe today would be a good day with no adventures because yesterday I had to run some errands. Pick up prescriptions, mail some mail, make bank deposit, pick up milk, you know, that kind of thing. Well, I picked up the prescriptions, mailed the mail, and stopped at Starbucks to replenish my coffee and tea supply. I opened my purse to get my Starbucks card out of it, and lo and behold, my wallet that has my life in it was not in my purse. Of course I had to come home and get it and go back, and then I was able to get through the rest of the errands without any problems.

So today should have been an adventure free day. It wasn't, and I can't even blame Aud for this one, lol. We went to the hair salon, and then we had the problem of where do we eat. There are only 4 or 5 restaurants that Aud will eat at, and I am tired of most of them. One of her favorite places to eat is Luby's Cafeteria, YUK!!!! It was foggy and I needed to go that way because I wanted to go to Best Buy for a printer cartridge. We don't want to eat fried food. Right

What does Audry order? Fried chicken, lol. Suffice to say the food was it's usual tasteless drivel, and holy cow, have the prices gone up at this cafeteria. Awful!!! Aud paid the bill, thank you Mother, and we went to the health food store.

I run in and grab the products I have to have, get to the checkout counter and I don't have my wallet with me. What!!! So I write a check, which of course I don't have any identification for. They get the manager, she remembers me, and I get my pills. I am so embarrassed!

Then off to Best Buy. Aud loans me the money to get my cartridge and I go in, pick it up and go to the check out lane. It is not short of course, and I am standing in it, and all of a sudden, realize my coat is on wrong side out, lol. I had to laugh as I stand there taking off my coat so I can turn it to the right side.

By now I am just a little bit on the jumpy side so we come on home. My new glasses that I picked up yesterday do allow me to see better when I am driving, even though the bifocal lens is a little higher than I like, at least they are tinted some and the glare isn't bothering me as much. Hmm, being very foggy outside might have helped, lol.

So I have survived another Thursday. I think I will eat some clam is good soul food.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Thinking about a Green Christmas

I don't want anyone to faint at the fact that I am actually posting, lol. I have been in a funk for the last couple of weeks and I just didn't want to talk to anyone or say anything. I just wanted to sulk.

I think I am on the road to coming out of my funk though. I went to the eye doc the end of last week and she informs me I have eye allergies, and fussed at me for not coming in sooner. I just assumed my eyes were red and hurting from all of the glare and I have been staying in the house and in the dark trying to keep my eyes and my head from hurting. Anyway, she gave me a script for eye drops and I am having my glasses tinted (they aren't back yet) and my eyes have actually felt good enough I have done some sewing the past 2 days. Shock! She also thinks I need to see my regular doctor since I am having severe headaches all the time. I asssumed they were from the eyes also. She thinks I am having migraines. More maintenance needed here. I think I am going to paint a big sign and wear it. It will say "Maintenance in progress, do not disturb", lol.

Oh, well, anyway, what I really want to talk about is the spirit of giving. This year is getting so tough on so many people, my problems feel very minuscule in comparison. Every day on TV there are reports of the shelters for the homeless being overrun due to the economy, and the Food Bank running out of food faster.

It is so bad here that the local Food Bank is actually fixing paper sacks full of milk and nutricious snacks for school children to take home with them on Friday afternoons because that is all they will have to eat for the weekend. Even my grandaughter's 3rd grade class at her school has taken on the Food Bank as their Comunity Service project. They go down there and help get the sacks ready for distribution. Wonderful training for our future citizens.

So, I have decided, since my family and friends are not suffering from this economy at the moment, that, instead of giving presents like I usually do, I am going to go online and donate the money I would normally spend on gifts to the local Food Bank. That will be less junk to fill up the landfills too, so it is a "green" thing to do. If you are wondering at this late date what you can possible get for "such and such", consider doing something of this nature in their name.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Life at the Funny Farm

Well, I knew it wouldn't be quiet around here forever, but I was hoping for a little bit more time before we had another "adventure".

A little background. When my son was 2, he is now 38, I locked my car keys and him in the car when we lived in Baton Rouge. Don't ask me how I did that, I guess I was dingy then too, lol. I remember it was around noon and it was hot as you know what and I was frantic! Anyway I had to call my husband and have him come open the car door. From that time on I have never been without 2 sets of keys. The one I use to drive with and an extra set that I keep in whatever purse I am carrying around. I have never locked my keys in the car since then.

A little more background. After we had Aud's car "all tuned up etc" and agreed we were going to drive her car and give mine to one of the grandkids, Aud had a change of heart, and decided that she didn't want to be without a car. Ok, I can relate to that, no problem. "So just hang both sets of my car keys on the key rack by the door and that way I won't have to bother you for the keys if I need them". Fine. And there the Buick keys reside unless one of us is driving the car. I only drive it when I am taking Aud to an appointment.

So, fast forward to today, first of all, I really didn't want to get up. I had to go to the periodontist for a deep cleaning. If anyone reading this knows about that kind of cleaning, you know I was dreading it. My appt was at one, so I got up at 12, grabbed some cereal, dressed and away I went. Nervous as a cat on a hot tin roof, lol.

When I got there, I said hello at the desk and sat down. A few minutes later the receptionist looks at me and says, are you Judy? No, I'm Perry. Oh, I didn't recognize you without the purple in your hair. What happened? It was supposed to be redone last week but we went out of town so it gets done today after I finish here. And we had a good laugh. Actually, I giggled. Hmm, I may have to start behaving myself.

My teeth were in pretty good shape thanks to a new treatment I have been using for the last 6 weeks, so the cleaning went pretty good. I stop and get a Starbucks on the way home and Aud is ready to go so we go to the beauty salon. It is cold here right now, in the 30's. The wind is blowing and Aud is freezing of course.

I get my hair cut and the way, my hair is now standing straight up on top of my head, lol....short and punked! I tried to take a picture, but it didn't turn out very good so you don't get to see it. Aud gets her washed and set.

We leave and head out to a small specialty shoe store we shop at to pick up some shoe inserts for Aud. We get there, she tells me to just run in and pick them up and she will wait in the car. Ok. So, I go in and chat with the "boys" and get the inserts and head out to the car. They have gotten in some German wool houseshoes that are wonderful and I am admiring them. I walk out and get in the car which is right in front of the window, .....look, Aud..aren't those neat houseshoes? Is that what they are? Yes, ....we need some of those, let's go look at them. Out of the car and into the store and we try on houseshoes, each of us get a pair, and we head back out to the car.

Ooops, no keys! Nothing unusual there, I lose them in my purse all the time, but no, they are not there. Of course not, I have left them in the car laying on the console because Aud always wants me to leave her the keys if I get out of the car and leave her in it. AND, the car is locked!
Where are the extra keys! Why, at home of course, hanging on the key rack.

We go back in the store and are trying to decide what to do, and I talk Kevin, the owner, into taking me home to get the other set. It is almost closing time and I know it will take an hour for anyone to come get in the car. He agrees, we only live about 5 miles from the store.

So, we leave Aud at the store and drive to the house to get the other set of keys. Luckily, I had my car keys in my purse and the house key was on them. Oh, no, another problem occurs to me. We live in an old house. The back door is a sliding patio door that does not have an entry lock on it. It has a bar across one side, and the whole bit, lol. The front door has a glass storm door on it and no key lock, so I can't open the front door because of the storm door being locked. Of course I can't get into the garage because the garage door opener is in the car. The only way in is a side door off of the garage, and I am not sure the key I have fits it, lol.

I call my youngest daughter to see if she is still in the city, and yes she is, but she doesn't have her key to our house with her, it is at home. Well, maybe I will get lucky and this one will work. And thank heavens, it does and I am able to get in the house and get the other set of keys. I call Dana and tell her all is ok, and we go back to the shoe store. Meanwhile I have made sure I have gotten in the car with this set of car keys and haven't dropped them. I put them in the side pocket of my purse.

We get almost to the shoe store, and I start looking for the keys. Can't find them anywhere. I finally give up and figured I had dropped them on the floor of the car. Open the car door, not there, ok, let's go in and I will see if I can figure out where I dropped them. I start looking through my purse and finally find the things, they have attached themselves to a magnet, and they are there.

By now I am a nervous wreck. It is dark, I am not seeing well in the dark, and I haven't had anything to eat since noon and it is 6:30. We are both famished. Of course we always go to eat when we are having adventures, so we go to our favorite Mexican restaurant and eat steak tacos...wonderful things.

Then we have to stop at the health food store for pills for Aud and then we go home. I get home without running over anyone and collapse.

The "other set" of Aud's car keys are now in my purse where they will live as long as we have that car. Unreal, lol.

Not leaving the house tomorrow or Saturday for sure, lol. Maybe Sunday.........

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Just a Quick Note

Hi, nothing going on here lately to talk about. Have been flying under the radar and doing some reading and watching TV and dreaming about working on quilts instead of actually doing any sewing.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. We went to my oldest daughter's house over the holidays. Had a seafood dinner for Thanksgiving Day because her oldest son is in his "I want to be a vegetarian" stage. I put that in parens because who knows with teenagers how long their "stages" are going to last, lol.

I cooked scallops and angel hair pasta with sauce, Summer cooked barbecued shrimp and Kurt smoked fish on the grill. He also smoked a turkey for thanksgiving eve when we had some dressing etc. Scalloped potatoes, stacked green salad, jello salad, rolls, etc, all of that stuff. Great food.

We also played Mahjong while we were there. That was a lot of fun also.

The Sooners ended up winning the South Big 12 and are scheduled to play Missouri this coming Saturday in Kansas City. Speaking of, Sharon, is our bet still on? If so, then you better be ready to lose, Oklahoma is play pretty tough, lol. I am so excited, they have been playing so well lately it has been a joy to watch them.

Need to do some Christmas sewing, and just not in the mood. Am so far behind on everything. I am blaming my lack of accomplishments on my eyes bothering me bunches, and my hands hurting like the dickens from the RA. I have doc appts next week; hopefully they will have some answers for me. Not whining here, just tired of not feeling like doing anything.

Our weather is getting wintery and I think Aud has hunkered down for the winter. Can't get her out of the house.

Have been ready some very salacious books lately. I skip those parts because the story line is so intriguing I am really enjoying them. Also reading Obama's first book. He is a good writer, just as he is a good speaker. I am hoping that all will be well with our economy with him at the helm. I didn't vote for him but I think he will make an excellent leader.

Hope everyone is doing ok during these stressful days. We just have to have hope that things will be better soon, so hang in there. Hmm, didn't mean to get on a soap box, lol. Guess I have been watching the news too much.

All for now, will try to post more often. It is 4 am here and I am just now going to bed; still having trouble sleeping, so I don't go to bed until around this time, and sleep until noon or one. Absolutely ridiculous I know, but I can't seem to stop.

Oh, well, somewhere it is daylight now, right? lol

Lots of hugs to all.