Monday, May 26, 2008

Please Take a Moment......

to honor those who have fallen and those that are now in harm's way. Say a prayer of thanks that they were and are there to protect us. May God bless them all.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day!!!

I just wanted to wish all Mothers, regardless of age or generation, a wonderful Happy Mother's Day! I hope it will be the beginning of a year full of joy for your whole family!

Friday, May 9, 2008

The Winner! And Cotton Candy

Hello all - this is Dana posting on Mom’s blog. And the winner of Katy’s Hope II Quilt is -

Katia, from Edmond, Oklahoma!

She is a teacher at the girls’ school and an absolutely lovely person. More about her later!

I apologize for posting this so late in the day. I've been busy with Cotton Candy. But before I get to that I must say a huge “thank you” to everyone that purchased quilt chances. Thank you for supporting the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation and also for your kind comments and words of encouragement. Close to 1,000 tickets were purchased! That is huge! We also want to express our sincere gratitude to Cindy for making this beautiful quilt. Hers was truly a gift from the heart.

Tomorrow (Saturday) is the Great Strides walk for CF in Oklahoma City. It is an annual event and this year I had the bright idea of sponsoring a cotton candy booth. Which means I arranged to rent the machines, enlisted the help of high school students to run them, and will be setting up and tearing down tomorrow. Sounds fun, right?

Have you ever seen a cotton candy machine up close? They are HUGE, and I rented TWO of them! Luckily they did fit in my car. Of course, I didn’t want any surprises for the actual event, so once I got them home I set one up in our yard to test it out. Much to the delight of the girls…..

You can’t imagine the mess this stuff makes. After the test run, the machine had to be cleaned, disassembled, packed back into the car. Oh, and cleaning the machine correctly involves a pair of pliers. But yes, I am still married. DH might grumble a bit, but in our 20-some years together he has learned that I’m gonna do silly stuff like this and so in the end he always jumps in to help out. What a good sport!

You all have been so kind to let us hijack Mom’s blog for a bit and I promise it will be back to your regular programming soon. Mom got new glasses today and although she is still supposed to be resting her eyeballs, she can see much better. Many blessings to all of you!

Hello all - this is Dana's Mom posting. I was just going to write a note on "our" blog to tell everyone thank you and it was so wonderful to see the response from so many quilters and bloggers and other people who are helping to get rid of this awful disease. As Katy asked her mother the other day, "So when do we get a cure, Momma,

And many, many thanks to Cindy for the gorgeous qult. Dana said the lady was thrilled to pieces. She hasn't had time to present it to her, but told me she intends to do so on Monday and has promised pictures. I will hold her to it. I wanted to go to the actual drawing today but was not able to, and am hoping she told pictures of that.

I can actually see somewhat this evening. The left eye where the stitches are is still a little blurry but Doc says it will be a couple of weeks before that completely heals. I have temporary glasses to get me through to the first of June. By then my left eye should be ok again, hopefully.

I hope to get a post or two in soon and start catching up with everyone. Again, many many thanks to all of you bloggers who passed the word and bought tickets! I wish everyone could have won, but there's always next year! And hopefully soon, there will be a cure for Katy and all of the CF's. Hugs!!

Thursday, May 1, 2008


I was just laying there in the lala land of meds when I hear this very sorrowful sigh.....

and I am suddenly awake. All I can see is a little hole over my left eye and I know that I have a drape over my right eye.

Dr, what's wrong?

Well, we have a little problem, another sigh

What happened?

Sigh, Well, you must be mad at somebody, you were grinding your teeth and moving your head around, so I was sitting here waiting for you to settle down, which you did. And I started to make my incision and you jerked your head real hard.

So what happened?

Another sigh Well, I cut your iris by mistake and it just "squished" out. sigh

Now I am laying very still and not moving a muscle while I am asking her this.

So now what?

Sigh, well you are going to have to be very still while I fix this


So I laid there and was very still and she slowly but surely repaired my iris that had "squished" out and replaced the lens that she was in there to do. The whole time she was sighing and telling me what a good surgical patient I was because I was being so still, and she was so upset that this had happened, and I kept telling her not to worry about it. I was more upset about her being upset than I was about the miscut, because I figured she could fix it, which she did. It really shook her up.

This is not supposed to happen during regular surgery;stuff like this happens only during trauma, and she sighed again..

I have no idea how long it took her to "fix" it all, but I was in the OR over 2 hours for a 15 minute operation, lol.

And bless her heart, she was a white as a sheet and really very upset.

This happened Tuesday, and Wednesday I was back in her office so she could see how my eye was. And, bless her heart, she sighed again and almost giggled when she looked in my eye, and then she said ooooh,, this looks great!

And apologized again, Everything was good, it would just take about a week or so before all of the trauma made to the cornea and iris cleared up.

Can you come back tomorrow so I can check the pressure?

Sure, I can't do anything else, might as well, lol. So back in there today and the eye pressure is very good, and it is healing and I can see a little more today than yesterday, thank goodness.

She used the model of the eye that was sitting there and showed me what she had to do. All I can say is wow! It is going to be at least a week, maybe longer before my eye returns to normal. I guess I will be doing a lot of sleeping.

As I told her, I can be very still, but I don't have a lot of patience and I am bored stiff. Tired of sleeping or resting with my eyes closed. If there are spelling mistakes in here, sorry about that. I am typing this a little at a time.

Thanks to everyone who has asked how I am, and to all who have contributed to CF through Katy's Voyagers. We still have 8 days before the drawing, so it isn't too late to get your donation in. I promise, you will have numbers, lol.

I know I owe people a lot of followups on emails; I don't think they will get done for the most part. I just can't see that long. I do however, appreciate every one of them.

Now I am going to get off of here and close my eyes. They are itching something fierce. I am taking benadryl to help with the itching, and puttind prednisone drops in my eyes every hour and 2 other kinds of drops in them 4 times a day. Such fun~~~

I hope everyone's week is going a little bit better than mine has so far!