Sunday, June 10, 2012

Aud Tale

I realize I haven't posted in a good while,  I keep intended to and just putting it off.  However this one is just too good to pass up.

Around this time of night Aud has managed to do all of the sleeping,  reading,  and playing solitaire that she can do without turning on her television.  She probably has watched some tv throughout the day because she keeps assuring me that she can multitask.

Most days we do watch some tv in the living room because I try to spend some "quality" time with her every day.  This is where you have to realize that spending time with Aud involves a tv going and her either reading or playing solitaire while she watches tv (multitasking).  Not sure this counts as quality time but she is an avid tv watcher.  Doesn't seem to care what she is watching.

The problem with all of this is about this time of night if she is in her room she starts channel surfing and before I know it, the tv is loud enough I can hear it through the walls.  So I make my nightly trip in there to ask her to turn it down because by this time of night I am usually reading or playing bridge on the computer and I can't multitask,  noise drives me bananas.

Tonight is no exception.  I knock on her door and when I open it I see that she is watching a Spanish language tv station.

What in the world are you watching a Spanish station for?  Why aren't you watching some of the stuff I have taped?  No wonder I can hear it through the don't even realize what you are watching!

I do so!.....I am brushing up on my Spanish!

Who else do you know that is 95 1/2 years old that is "brushing up on their Spanish?"

:) Life is never dull around here.