Saturday, January 15, 2011

Nag, Nag, Nag

My personal assistant has informed me I have to blog about something, even if it is to state that this blog is under investigation, lol.

I have been hiding out during the holidays for one reason or another, but they are past now and I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year.  And so begins 2011.

Aud and I are doing ok.  We have survived a rocky beginning to the New Year due to several lovely incidents.

We had a slab leak occur a couple of weeks ago, so ended up with a huge plumbing bill to reroute the hot water pipes from the hot water heater in the garage to the kitchen via the front bath.  Now that has been repaired, and the wood floor in my small sewing room is ruined.  To re-do the floor I will have to move everything out of that room.  Including what is in the closets!  Hello!!!  I don't think I want to do that.  I am in a dither just thinking about it.

And, the dishwasher we put in during our remodel has come loose from the cabinet it sits under so someone is coming to fix that on Monday.

And the header on the blinds that are on the patio doors is defective.  The new one has come in and a workman will hopefully be here next week sometime to fix that.

And the small Frigidaire fridge/freezer I bought in August has stopped working, and I can't get the repairman for Frigidaire to return my calls.

And it is cold in this house.  We can't use the fireplace because of the oxygen so we have 4 space heaters we are using as supplements throughout the house. Of course our weather is like everyone else's this year, just awful and cold.  The pipe for ice in the fridge "freezed" it's little self up 3 nights running.

So, other than that, "person",  how'd you like the show.  (Wouldn't you know, I can't remember the name that is supposed to go in there.) :)

I did go to Houston on a fast 3 days trip the last week in December.  And of course it rained the whole time we were there.  I had forgotten how cold wet rain is in December.  Got to my bones.  Was looking forward to eating some decent Mexican Food while I was there, and didn't get to.  I think Ninfa's has closed shop, couldn't find any of them open anymore. Did have some wonderful scallops at Landry's in The Woodlands.  And I did visit It's a Stitch in Humble, a wonderful quilt store that I used to get to a lot when I lived down there.

I went with my oldest daughter.  She drives like a "you know what", so I was a white knuckled flyer for 1056 miles.  We did eat breakfast at a wonderful little restaurant in Huntsville located on the downtown square.  It actually served real ham!  And lots of it.  Don't remember the name, but it is the only one there so you can find it I am sure.   I reconnected with some old friends, and went by a couple of houses I had lived in, and looked for another one we lived in when Summer was 3 (that was a long time ago) and it was raining so hard we were afraid we would get stuck so we didn't go there.

Still working on my basket quilt.  It is coming along, but nothing close enough to be shown.  I do have 2 quilts out to the quilter so should have some pics eventually on those.

I think that is enough for now.  Watching the NFL playoffs this weekend.  Good games if you are into football.

 I hope everyone has a wonderful week ahead.