Thursday, December 18, 2008

Life at the Funny Farm

Do you see a pattern here? Thursdays seem to be the "adventure day". This might be because this is the day I take Aud to have her hair done and then we run whatever errands need to be done and usually go eat somewhere that has "good food".

I actually thought maybe today would be a good day with no adventures because yesterday I had to run some errands. Pick up prescriptions, mail some mail, make bank deposit, pick up milk, you know, that kind of thing. Well, I picked up the prescriptions, mailed the mail, and stopped at Starbucks to replenish my coffee and tea supply. I opened my purse to get my Starbucks card out of it, and lo and behold, my wallet that has my life in it was not in my purse. Of course I had to come home and get it and go back, and then I was able to get through the rest of the errands without any problems.

So today should have been an adventure free day. It wasn't, and I can't even blame Aud for this one, lol. We went to the hair salon, and then we had the problem of where do we eat. There are only 4 or 5 restaurants that Aud will eat at, and I am tired of most of them. One of her favorite places to eat is Luby's Cafeteria, YUK!!!! It was foggy and I needed to go that way because I wanted to go to Best Buy for a printer cartridge. We don't want to eat fried food. Right

What does Audry order? Fried chicken, lol. Suffice to say the food was it's usual tasteless drivel, and holy cow, have the prices gone up at this cafeteria. Awful!!! Aud paid the bill, thank you Mother, and we went to the health food store.

I run in and grab the products I have to have, get to the checkout counter and I don't have my wallet with me. What!!! So I write a check, which of course I don't have any identification for. They get the manager, she remembers me, and I get my pills. I am so embarrassed!

Then off to Best Buy. Aud loans me the money to get my cartridge and I go in, pick it up and go to the check out lane. It is not short of course, and I am standing in it, and all of a sudden, realize my coat is on wrong side out, lol. I had to laugh as I stand there taking off my coat so I can turn it to the right side.

By now I am just a little bit on the jumpy side so we come on home. My new glasses that I picked up yesterday do allow me to see better when I am driving, even though the bifocal lens is a little higher than I like, at least they are tinted some and the glare isn't bothering me as much. Hmm, being very foggy outside might have helped, lol.

So I have survived another Thursday. I think I will eat some clam is good soul food.


Gena in Dallas said...

So did you find your wallet???

Crazy for Primitive Quilts and Gardens said...

Lol... you definitely have adventures! I think you had better pick a new day to shop! I think the atmosphere must be off kilter that day causing all the mishaps.... but at least life is never boring, right??

Sheri said...

LOL Maybe you should stay home on Thursdays .

G'G'ma said...

I agree, Thursday just is not your day.
Hope an honest person finds your wallet.
Merry Christmas to you and Mom.

Stephanie D. said...

Can't wait to see what happens THIS Thursday! lol