Saturday, June 27, 2009

"Don't Close the Door"

This is a Door Harp that I painted back in period of my life that I was doing Toile Painting. It hangs on my bedroom door and has been there ever since we moved in this house. When it is moved it makes a very soft tinkling sound.

Last night Miss Aud is standing in front of this and talking to me, don't even remember what about. She turns to leave and starts to close the door.

"Don't Close the Door"

Ok, what is that noise I hear. Is your phone ringing? Is that an alarm. Miss Aud is looking around and up and down and I am grinning from ear to ear.

I don't hear anything

Yes you do

No, must be your imagination, and I am grinning like a cat.

Perry, I know you know what it is


She starts out the door

Mom, it is the door


I don't think she realizes yet what was causing the sound.


Anonymous said...

Cute door chime and I love that little girl in the corner of your new picture. Got to love Aud!
Nancy in WI

Libby said...

Sounds like you have a touch of the 'imp' in you *s* Sweet harp.

Julia said...

You little tease! :~)

Beautiful job on the painting! You are a multi-talented woman! I never did get the hang of tole painting.

Jean said...

Your a big tease aren't you? A women after my own heart! My DH told a story on me just last Friday about how when things were tense.... (he was doing taxes on our daughters birthday... while I was downstairs trying to build the cake) he would call me upstairs every few minutes... " I can't find this... do you know where this is?" So, after going up.... hmmmm about 20 stairs each time... and then back down... I had had enough! The last time he called... I had two eggs in my hand... well, somehow he ended up with them on his head! Yep!!! It lightened the mood a bit... sure made me feel good! He's a bit more careful now! Doesn't bug me quite as much when I'm trying to get something done!