Monday, March 26, 2012


 Here is a picture of Aud around the first of January.  She is reading her Ipad which is propped up on the pillow I found her for it that she just loves.  (Look on Amazon if you want one.) She is eating something, drinking a coke, and has an Ethel cap on her head to keep the glare out.

Here she is a couple of weeks ago.  Holding her own, thank goodness.  Notice the ever present Ipad and a package of Wurthur's.  

Audrey has certain Items that she insists are on the grocery list each week.  They consist of Snickers Ice Cream bars, Ben and Jerry's Cherry Garcia, Wurther's Caramel hard candy, Planter's Mixed Nuts with Sea Salt, Walmart's Trail Mix, and Dr Pepper.  We are not allowed to run out of them or there is massive whining.  She is now up to 2 Snicker's bars a day!  I have talked to her doctor about this "diet" and he says she is old enough to eat what she wants! 

For breakfast she does have Granola cereal with milk and grape juice.  For lunch she has a Kind date and walnut food bar. (It is a very healthful one that I buy by the case from Amazon) and then the rest of the days is spent eating her "must haves".  I do cook dinner most nights but she doesn't eat enough to make it worth messing with most of the time.  On the nights I don't cook  she wants Panera's Napa Valley Chicken Salad. This has been her diet for the last 3 months, lol.  Never thought I would see the day that we wouldn't have a sit down meal consisting of all the basic food groups at least 5 days out of the week.  My how times have changed. 


ranette said...

So glad to "hear" from you and Aud! I was going to call you a few weeks back and somehow I can't find your phone number.

Happy that you are both feeling better and Aud is right, only a few weeks before summer hibernation kicks

Carol said...

Summer hibernation is right around the corner for sure here...Wurther's were on mom's grocery list too...she always had those right next to her chair. Aud's meal plan sounds just fine to me...LOL!