Monday, June 2, 2008

It Certainly is Bright Out Here!!

So this is what it looks like in the sun. I feel like I have been on an extended walkabout, only, in my case, it would probably be called a sleepabout. I want to thank everyone who has inquired as to my eyes and how I am doing. I am much much better. Not healed completely; there is still some inflammation going on. I have an interim pair of glasses with updated lens and that has helped.

So far not much sewing going on; I am trying, and I am sure gettting good at ripping. lol. I do have some quilty things to show, but today is just gardening and grandchildren.

When we moved into this house 6 years ago there was only a patch of bedraggled orange lilies in an overgrown area in the back side yard. I had 2 weeks to find a house and this was the one that suited us the best for the criteria we needed.

The yard we left behind in Texas was just beautiful. We had moved into a new house there and I had landscaped the yard over a period of about 5 years or so and I had planted flowers etc out the wazoo. I still miss that yard. Anyway, all that to say that this yard has taken lots of patience, trial and error, and downright screaming to get it to the point it is at. I am still not finished, but some of it is coming together.

These are some of the mature lilies I planted 2 years ago. They will bloom in another month. And we always plant geraniums in these long narrow pots every year.

These are 22 new lilies plants I just received. I order my daylilies from Oakes Daylily Farm in Tennessee. They are always huge and I have never had any problems with them. This bed will have mostly pinks and purples in it. I don't know whether they will bloom this year or not, but at least they are in the ground.

Verbena in the front by the walk. Planted last year and has really grown.

This is in the front yard. The Stellas are going great guns and that pink flower is an Amarylis. I love them. In Houston I had about 10 of them. They aren't supposed to grow here, but I stuck one in the ground 2 years ago after it had bloomed in the house, and lo and behold, it is blooming! I am still jumping up and down. It hasn't fully opened yet, I will take another picture soon. This bed has lilies and Gerber daisies and some some other stuff I don't remember, lol.

This is the beginning of my irises. I order 6 from Better Homes and Gardens last year, and this one was the first to pop out. They have finished blooming for the year, but I am going to try to plant some more for next year.

This is the orange lily mecca. We have transplanted lilies twice now, and they are so thick I need to do it again. Some of them are almost 5 feet tall.

And then, poor Ms Katy has a broken arm. She fell off of a picnic table while playing. The ortho doc had to put 2 pins in her bones right above the elbow. She is going to be fine, but that has been quite an ordeal all the way around. I don't have a picture of her in her pink cast, but her mother has promised me one. And this is one of the things that has kept her mother from giving us a rundown on the CF Great Strides and a picture of the quilt winner. Hopefully soon. (Are you out there, Dana, and reading this?)

This is Jackson, my oldest grandson. He just graduated from highschool. I was trying to get a decent picture of him, but as grandsons are not good subjects for pictures, he wasn't allowing me to. So this will have to do. He is going on a Mediterranean Cruise this month and is very excited about it. He will be going to OU this fall so I will probably see a little more of him than I have been.
And that is enough dribble for one night. Hope everyone's week is going well!


Shelina said...

You have such a beautiful garden. Your last one must have been spectacular. I hope Katy recovers quickly from her broken arm and Jackson has a wonderful cruise. My DD doesn't let me take pictures of her either.

Julia said...

Your yard is wonderful. Irises are one of my favorite flowers. Mine are blooming right now. A yard is a lot of work but so worth the effort.
Poor Katy!
Congrats to your grandson!!
Hope your eyes get healed up fast. I have missed your posts.

Carol said...

Your yard is have been a very busy girl...poor Katy...and congratulations to Jackson. Glad to hear that your eyes are getting better...we need to get rid of that inflammation.

Ginger Patches said...

That top picture is a hoot! Lovely garden pictures...mine is sooo bad right now :( Poor Katie! I'm glad she's doing o.k. And I'm so glad you're eyes are getting better! And yes those graduating seniors can sure keep our lives busy! I can totally relate to that, I can't wait for June 20th!!!

Susan Ramey Cleveland said...

Perry, so glad to hear you're doing better. Sorry to hear about Katy's arm. But congrats to Jackson on his graduation. Hugs to you, dear. --Susan C.

Libby said...

Good to know you are on the mend. Your garden looks great . . . it does take a long time to get things just as we want them *s*

Juliann in WA said...

Good to see that you are beginning to get about. Your yard is going to be lovely with all those lilies. Hope Katy heals quickly.

Rabbit Stitchings said...

Been a while since I have been by... your flowers are lovely! Your verbena is gorgeous! ...
Ouch on Katys arm, hoping it will heal well for her...
I am also hoping your eye issues will heal well and work out well for you... I must admit with my being so behind on blog reading I am behind on what those issues are completely but I am totally up on wishing you a total healing :O)...

Red Geranium Cottage said...

Perry, your yard is sooooo pretty. You've done a great job with that green thumb of yours. I love all the flowers. I planed Iris bulbs one time and OMG I had them coming out of my ears and they were HUGE. They must have liked the soil.
Glad your feeling a bit better and your back to blogging. I've missed ya.
And that poor pitiful thing with that broken arm. But did you say PINK cast?? Hmmmmm I might want one of those.