Saturday, August 9, 2008

A Dream Come True and Company's Coming!!

I want to thank everyone that has left comments and sent me emails on my eye problems. The eyes are doing much better thank goodness. I can see so much better than before, but I am having pretty severe headaches behind the right eye. I am hoping part of this is from allergies.

I don't have to wear glasses to drive, but my closeup vision isn't what I was hoping for. There is the "trifocal" area out there (if you are 40 or over you are probably familar with that,lol) where things are a little blurry and I definitely have to have "readers" for closeup. I am hoping that everything will settle down by the end of August or so and I will know what limitations I am going to have. I have not done a lick of sewing this week and have slept mostly. I think that is the best medicine for me right now.

One dream I have always had has come true however! I always see these young gorgeous girls with the sunglasses in their hair, and some older gorgeous women also, for that matter. Anyway I have always wanted to be able to do that, and Voila! I CAN!!!! lol

Here is a picture taken after I had my hair cut and repurpled with my sunglasses on. I took a picture with the sunglasses in my hair, but my right eye is so red that it is gross and I didn't think anyone would want to see that, lol.

I also treated myself to a pedicure, and I took this picture so you could see the purple slides the tech put on my feet after my pedicure, lol!

All of this I had to get done because Sharon is coming to town next week and has threatened me if I am not purple, lol. I am now ready for the Papparazzi Princess! And did I say I am excited about it? Well, yes, I really am. I have my camera battery all warmed up!
Hope everyone has had a good weekend and has a wonderful weekend! And thanks again to all for stopping by to see me!


Kathie said...

Love the haircut and sunglasses!
If you hadn't had the purple you would have never heard the end of it from Sharon!
can't wait to hear about your visit with her!
have fun!!!!

blueberrylane said...

Hi Perry
Love the purple hair :) Glad your eyes are getting sorted. Do you rememeber talking to me about a Jennifer Knohl pattern ? I think it has been released, is this it ?

Mrs. Sew and Sew said...

Love love love the hair! Hope the eye gets better everyday! Sleep helps the healing process! Hugs :) Karen

Nancy said...

Hooray for you!

I admit that I, too, have enjoyed wearing cute sunglasses atop my head. I have a bunch of pairs of drugstore glasses and they are all over. In a couple of weeks I'll get real trifocals and then will have the option of going without glasses when I know I won't have to read but when I expect to be doing a lot of different things, will wear the tris.

It is almost over -- for both of us!

n, np

quiltmom said...

Hi Perry,
Glad to hear that your eyes are doing better- hope your soon rid of the nasty headaches- they don't sound like much fun....

And your purple hair sure makes you one cool dudette VBG- I am sure you and Sharon are going to have lots of fun together- I will look forward to seeing both of your posts...

Love the purple flip flops ( do you remember them being called thongs ?- better not call them that now LOL


Cheryl said...

Great haircut and cool shades!!! You and Sharon are going to have so much fun. Be prepared to laugh a lot, and be careful when you have any liquids in your mouth!! She will get you to laughing so hard you'll make a mess!!!!!!

Karen said...

Love the purple.....but what kind of hold does Sharon have on you? LOL!

ranette said...

Hey's Jackson! I really like your blog! Love ya!
p.s. Perry--Jackson works for weird is that???? He is a wonderful employee and he thinks the world of you!!

Ginger Patches said...

I am so glad your eyes are healing well, great news. Have fun with Sharon :)

Libby said...

Purple hair and pedicures . . . isn't life fun? *s*

Red Geranium Cottage said...

Your hair looked marvelous and those toes.............well I dont think I got to see them. Darn it!! I had a great time today meeting you and so did Hunka. He really liked you alot. But how could he not right? Thanks for the Starbucks by the way. We are in Texas now and off to New Mexico tomorrow. Home by Sunday hopefully.