Friday, August 22, 2008

A Quick Trip

Wednesday was another one of those special days. I picked up Emma's Mom at the airport early that morning. She wanted to meet Aud so we came back by the house to see Aud before we went on our journey.

And then Emma's Mom wanted to see my sewing room. Now I knew I was going to get a lecture about it, but what's a quilter to do when someone wants to see your quilting room?

"Perry,you have a problem!!You have way too much fabric!!!"

Hmmm, I wonder if that means I shouldn't buy anymore? lol I guess I will have to get a PO Box and an alias. She is as bad as a couple of the girls at the lqs. When I go in there they tell me I can't buy anything because I have too much.

Maybe I better join Judy's stashbusting goals. But it doesn't seem to be working for Vicky so I am not sure it would work very well for me either, lol.

Anyway, we left the house and went to Quiltworks. That is the largest quilt store in Oklahoma and a good place to see a lot of samples. I wasn't allowed to do any shopping but we did a lot of looking and a lot of visiting.

Then we left, picked up some fast food, and took off for Tulsa. Yes, Tulsa, not to go to quilt stores, but to The Silver Needle. If you cross stitch you probably know about this store, if you don't, then you should. It is a wonderful store and we spent the whole afternoon there.

I don't have any pictures from there because you are not allowed to take them. And I can certainly see why. Every surface is covered with samples, even in the bathroom, lol. And if you want a Vera Bradley bag, that is the place to buy them! All shapes and sizes.

We left there just in time to grab a bite to eat and then I had to take Emma's Mom to the airport so she could go home. Here is a picture of the two of us with full tummies that the waiter took for us at the restaurant.

I think I made Kimberly a nervous wreck because I made the mistake of telling her I wasn't seeing the road signs on the turnpike real well until I was about 1/4 mile from them. She gulped a couple of times, lol.

I had this Oklahoma map with a small map of Tulsa in there, and I had patiently downloaded maps and addresses of the Silver Needle and a couple of quilt stores if we had time to go to them, which we didn't. And of course the great ladies at The Silver Needle gave us directions to Abuelo's, a Mexican restaurant where we wanted to eat. The only problem is they told me to turn left out of the parking lot, and 20 blocks later Kimberly finally informed me I was going the wrong way, lol.

So I turned around, called the restaurant to find out exactly where we were, and several miles later and 4 phone calls to the restaurant we finally got there, and it was raining of course. Had a great meal and then headed to the airport. It was close to 5 and the traffic was picking up but we managed to get there on time.

Kimberly was worried that I wouldn't be able to see to get home but I promised her I would be ok, and she told me I would get lost for sure, and I had better go back the way we came. I assured her I wouldn't get lost. hah! I looked at the map and tried to memorize it so I would have a good idea of what I was doing.

I pulled out of the airport and took the right road and at the last minute turned the wrong way of course. So I turned around and went the other way and the traffic was horrible. It took me 30 minutes to get to the freeway I needed to get to to come home to OKC. By this time I felt a necessary stop might be a good idea before I got on the turnpike. I needed something to drink, etc. I got off the freeway and turned down a fairly busy street and found a Taco Bell. Now this is funny because we were looking for a Taco Bell as we were leaving OKC and there wasn't one on the road I took out of town and this is the only one I saw the whole time we were gone, lol. I bought a Strawberry Fruitista (love those things!) and drove back to the freeway and got on it and headed out again.

It had started to rain again and I was behind a truck, and the next thing I knew, I had taken the wrong exit and not gotten on the turnpike. So I turned around again and made my way back to the turnpike. I am laughing to myself because I am sure if Kimberly knew this she would be laughing herself silly.

Now I am cruising down the turnpike at 75 mph and all of a sudden it comes a gully washer. It rained so hard I could hardly see (I had to slow down a lot) and it took me a little over 2 hours to get back to OKC, with the rain coming down in droves most of the time. I had called Aud before I left (we knew the weather might be bad) to see if the weather was bad and I should just stay in Tulsa overnight and she had assured me that it was not raining where I would be driving. Hah! She failed weather school I think.

As I passed the last gas stop on the turnpike I remembered I hadn't looked at the gas gage for a while, and I did have a little bit of a fright because I didn't have very much left, but I did make it till the turnpike ended and almost home before I had to fill up.

I don't think I will do any more freeway driving in strange places until I get my eyes checked out the second week of September. I think the astigmatisms are coming back in my left eye; it gets a little cloudy sometimes, and I'm not seeing as good as I think I should, BUT, I am not wearing glasses and I have my sunglasses on my head, lol.

Kimberly and I had a terrific time! She is just as warm and friendly as can be, and is another one of those people I feel like I have known forever. I have a feeling we will be making another trip to Tulsa in about a year. That's about how much cross stitch we have to do, lol. And by then, surely I will be able to see road signs better .


blueberrylane said...

Sounds like you had a great visit , glad you made it home safely.

Carol said...

How fun, how fun, how fun! Gald you made it home safe and sound after a quite wonderful day.

Betty J in OKC said...

Your quiltshop tour sounded like alot of fun!! Please let me know the next time you do a Tulsa Shop-hop. I'd love to ride along/drive and will pitch in for gas $$. I was at quiltworks yesterday around 11:30am. O2bquiltn2 at yahoo dot com

sara said...

glad you had a safe trip and a fun time! I only hear good things about Kimberley, she must really be someone special!!

Cindy said...

I am really glad you and Kimberly had a great visit but why in the world was she wearing a sweat shirt, wasn't it HOT!!!!!!! Hope you eyes are doing a little better.

Vicky said...

Wow, it sounds like you two had a ton of fun! I was giggling about you going the wrong way, because Jane and I always have "adventures" when we head off somewhere! That's an adorable picture of you two! (Hugs)

Red Geranium Cottage said...

Paparazzi Princess she's not but man has she got me beat in the YOUNG department. LOL what a cutie and what is she about 15???? Dang I just hate those young ones. Just kidding. One week later and I'd have gotten to meet her too.

quiltmom said...

Hi Perry,
well you do seem to be having lots of adventures these days- what nice people you are meeting and how lucky they are to meet you.
Now if you could just find a good mapLOL Oh well, the two of you had a fun adventure..
As for your sewing room- can you ever have too much fabric- We all need to have a stash VBG.

Ginger Patches said...

I am sooo glad you finally made it home safely lol, what an adventure :)

Quilt Hollow said...

My goodness what an adventure but also what a fun few days you've been having "meeting all the celebs." Maybe someday I'll meet you too...rather than stalking you regularly through your blog. SMILE

Nicole said...

I am GREEN with envy! I am also so happy for you. What a marvelous time you must have had. I kept staring at Kimberly's photo thinking, now I am sure I know her from somewhere!

Red Geranium Cottage said...

Where oh where are you darling mother?? I've missed you.