Friday, January 30, 2009

Anybody Want a Visitor?

Remember Joe Bfstplk from Little Abner? Well he has been staying here for the last 2 weeks and I am ready for him to go somewhere else. If you want some company let me know and I will send him your way.

I took Aud to the doctor last week for her 3 month visit and the waiting room was full of people coughing etc, and sure enough, I came down with bronchitis last Thursday evening. Aud is fine...she always is when we go to the doctor....and she won't let me go in with her so I can't tell the doctor what is really wrong with her.

Anyway, Wednesday we decided we needed to buy a new car....not my idea....but, that was besides the point. Aud spent the evening reading the newspapers and looking up cars online etc.

Thursday I went to the Dermatologist for the year's checkup for the place she removed on my cheek. This wonderful dermatogist is a young absolutely gorgeous tall lanky blonde. She walks's your face...oh it looks terrific, I can't even see you...gee.... your skin is just beautiful....hmmm, I see a little place in your eyebrow, we need to take that off...oh, there's an age spot beside it...want me to remove that also?.....

The whole time she is doing this she has touched my hands and face and arms, etc.......and apologizes for touching me everywhere....I am always looking for places that shouldn't be about that place on your chest, is it bothering you? ....yes, a little.....ok.....wait right here...and off she goes.

A couple of minutes later she is back with the "magic can", and proceeds to freeze the two places on my face and the one on my chest.

I have my kindle with me and we talk about them for a little bit and I am sure she is going to by her mother and mil one. Then it's .....ok, see you in a year unless you have problems and if you do, call me.

I make my appt for next year, make Aud one for the first week in February, because she has some spots she wants the doc to look at, and I am out of there.

I go home and get Aud and take her to have her hair done. Then we go look at cars at a couple of places and decide we want either a Chevy Impala or a Buick Lucerne. It is dark by now and I am feeling crappy from the bronchitis which is rearing it's ugly head, so we go home and figure we will go look on Friday.

Friday comes along and I am really sick and the weather is getting crummy, so we don't go anywhere. Spent Saturday in bed. Sunday I get a few things from the grocery store because we are due some ice on Monday.

By Tuesday we have decided not to buy a car, just don't want to fool with looking for one and the two old cars will last a while longer. Besides that, if I back one of the cars out of the driveway I won't be able to get it back in because it faces north and is in the shade, and on an incline and I can't get up the incline unless I take a flying leap at it from the driveway across the street from the way my luck is running right now, I figured if I did that I would not be able to stop in time to keep from running into the house. Still feeling awful anyway. Can't get to the doc with the roads like they are.

We still have ice in our driveway....even though it was 60 today, and I am still sick and feel like you know what. I finally called my daughter yesterday and got her to pick up a prescription and some milk and bread.

Today is Friday, I couldn't sleep last night so I read until 7 this morning, and didn't get up until 4 this afternoon. The minute my feet hit the floor Aud informs me she has fallen in the kitchen against the counter top and hurt her ribs.

Why didn't you wake me up? Well, I know you aren't feeling good either....
Are they broken??, I can take a deep we need to go to the ER and let them check them?, I will be fine but I am sure I will be black and blue tomorrow. She has basically stayed on a hotpad since it happened .

I have dreaded something like this happening, and it finally has. Hopefully she will be a little more careful and walk with her cane all of the time. The doc has told her to do that.

I have done nothing, nada, zilch, the past 2 I have nothing else to say other than please invite Joe to your house, lol


Carol said...

Joe has clearly stayed way too long at your house! Hope you all are back up and running real soon and feeling a whole lot better. Take care!

Vicky said...

Well, bless your hearts! I hope you're both feeling a lot better real soon! Bronchitis is the worst! (Hugs) for you and Aud!

G'G'ma said...

So sorry but I can't invite Joe here any time soon (never, but don't tell Perry that!!!) Sorry about your 2 lost weeks. Sometimes I just can't figure out where a couple weeks have gone. Don't think I've ever thought that I've gotten so much done in 2 weeks and it has only been 1 week! Oh, well, such is life.

quiltmom said...

Well Perry,
I do hope that Joe goes to live somewhere else - he is giving you both too much trouble,,,
Feel better soon- I hope that Aud is okay too.
Tomorrow is the beginning of February- may it bring you lots of good karma and energy..

GARI said...

I am so sorry you are so ill. I have only had something like that and I just lost time (work, phone calls, sewing, etc). And once I felt better I was really surprised that time had gone on without me. Here is hopeing that the new month will bring health and strength to both of you.

Nicole said...

Oh my goodness, you have had a truly lousy time of things lately! Hang in there!

Red Geranium Cottage said...

You two are such a pair Perry. It's always something isnt it?? I hope your feeling better this weekend. Want us to come and pick out a new car for you two?? lolol We can do that.

Betty J in OKC said...

Mom's in bed now with bronchitis too. I think she got it from the folks at the adult daycare. They like to share. :S