Thursday, January 8, 2009

Life at the Funny Farm

Aud and I both have a Nintendo DS and we like some of the games. I bought her Slingo and Solitaire for Christmas and she plays them continuously, lol. I finally bought myself my own Solitaire has a lot of different ones on it and is pretty good.

It has been a little wild around here the last 3 weeks. My oldest grandson, who is a freshman at OU, has stayed with us part of each of the last 3 weeks, and will be here the first part of next week. His dorm is closed for the holidays and since he doesn't live in OKC, he chose to stay with us rather than drive back and forth from his house. This is because he works at one of the malls 3 days a week.

He is in his vegetarian stage and it is a little hard to find something for him to eat that we eat, lol. We have taken him to some of the good restaurants for seafood, etc. I have cooked pinto beans and homemade mac and cheese for him and salads and other things, and he eats it all. You would think he had been on a desert island for months with no food. I have forgotten what a bottomless pit teenage boys can be, lol. I even made some breakfast muffins that are delicious and some pumpkin muffins that I will not make again, lol.

He is also a Starbucks person, lol, so we have been visitors there quite often. It has been a pleasant interlude to have him around. Aud and I have had a giggle or two at his expense, and have threatened to go on vacation during springbreak, lol. I told his mother that he didn't eat the rafters, thank goodness, so we still had a place to live. We also watched a few movies and he read some of Harry Potter, which he does every Christmas.

Of course, Aud and I have not escaped unscathed. She burned her hand last Friday and didn't bother to say anything about it so by Sunday it was not a happy camper. I made her soak it in epsom salts and threatened to take her to the ER, but of course, she wouldn't go. We have finally gotten it in pretty good shape I think. She is worse than a kid about soaking anything, but I swear by epsom salts for infected toes and hands. I think she also used a whole bottle of hydrogen peroxide.

Today I took her to the podiatrist. She has a problem with her right heel...the one everyone eventually seems to have that I can't remember the name of or how to spell it. He gave her a cortizone shot and taped her foot so she couldn't move it and she has to go back in two weeks.

When she came out of the doc's office, I told her to wait a minute and let me get the car tag out so I didn't have to dig for it when we got to the parking valet. So I looked for 20 minutes, seriously, for that you-know-what tag and never did find it. I ended up pouring everything out of my purse, and it was really funny. Not only the ordinary things, but 3 pair of glass cases, my Kindle, my DS, 2 purse calendars, and lots of coupons from JoAnn's and Best Buy, and I mustn't forget all of the Kleenex, lol. The man setting close by was laughing his head off. I was wadding up stuff that had collected in my purse for the last couple of weeks and as he remarked..... well, at least you are cleaning out your purse!

Anyway, never did find it, but the kid that parked the car remembered us, thank goodness, so getting the car was no problem.

Then we went to Bravo's for our salads and flatbread and shrimp appetizers. We took their tiramasu home with us for later because all of a sudden the cortizone shot kicked in and Aud was hurting pretty bad. She has some oxycotin (sp) but it is out of date so she is taking tylenol and her arthritis medicine for pain. Of course her regular doctor will not be in the office tomorrow so not sure what I will do about her pain tomorrow. Hopefully she will feel better; I know when I had a cortizone shot for my heel, it didn't hurt much at all, but I went to a different doctor.

Tomorrow night OU plays for the BCS championship against the Florida Gators. Am hoping we beat them; we are the underdog, but if OU plays like they did the last 6 games of the regular season and in the Big 12 championship game, we will win. Keep your fingers crossed!!!


ranette said...

Hi Perry! Good luck to your team tonight.

I have fed that grandson of yours and I am surprised that you still have the "rafters" in your home...LOL He can put it away, can't he? I do tell him that he's not really a vegetarian though because he does eat seafood (I'm a veggie). He's a great kid and I really miss seeing him as much since football season is over.

I hope Aud feels much better today and that you are feeling good too.

Are you going to the OKC Quilt Show?

Carol said...

OMG Perry, I'm crying laughing...the vision of you taking everything out of your purse...I've done that before...the person in the garage wasn't very nice and made me pay for the entire day...the highest amount. Hope Aud is feeling better.

Gena in Dallas said...

One of my nieces is a freshman at OU. Her brothers all go to UT. Talk about a house divided in October!!! Glad you are having an adventure with the grandson!

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