Monday, February 22, 2010

OK, I am Back

I have procrastinated as long as I can, but my dear friend, JudyL, has shamed me into owning up to the person she is referencing as "her" in her post called "Another Finish - Almost", lol.

I don't have all of the particulars for this year's Cystic Fibrosis Drive as of yet, and since my daughter usually provides me with the links etc. to the current fund raising effort for CF, I will have to build a fire under her to get the current info ASAP.

The latest picture of my CF grandchild....isn't she beautiful? She will be 7 in May.

This is the fourth year we have been able to "raffle" a quilt as a fund raiser. Tickets will cost $5.00 for two and will be available online paid directly to the CF Foundation. I don't remember the particulars right now, as my memory is even worse than last year at this time, lol, but it works very well. There will also be a way to buy tickets via mail.

Thank you Judy for building a fire under me, lol. I promise I will do a great binding job! lol

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