Sunday, February 28, 2010

This and That

I had pictures for this post, but somewhere along the way I lost them when I "transferred" them to my computer, lol. 

I finally got all of the paraphernalia together to make the Artisan Bread that JudyL has raved about for several months, and literally "threw" a batch of it together with success.  I baked some yesterday which was the day I made it and it is wonderful!  Thank you Judy for spurring me on on this one. If  you have not tried to make this, it is great "peasant" bread and is even good with Jiffy peanut butter on it, lol.  I made Jambalaya and it was really great with that.

I found everything I needed at Amazon for making the bread, even the container to store the dough in.  I did take pictures of the process and the finished bread but they didn't make it here.  Will try again on the next batch.  It was great fun and very free and easy.  If  you are hesitating about trying this, don't, you will love the ease with which it is made and the fun of seeing it "do it's thing".

This is my first attempt at knitting.  Not too shabby I guess, considering.  I know now why I quit when I did though.  It kills my wrists to do this, but I am going to keep on keeping on a little at a time and see what happens.  There is a local knit store that offers free lessons if you buy the yarn there. I will go next Thursday and eventually get better.

Watched Canada beat the US at hockey...what a game....what a great game!  I have enjoyed watching the Olympics this year, they seemed more free of controversy than usual, but I am glad they are over.  Need to do other things.

Also working on cleaning up my sewing room now.  I am horrified at how much fabric I am uncovering stuck in nooks and crannies....what I am really concerned about is knowing what pattern I had in mind when I bought some of it.  One batch I had together complete with yardage and measurements has the crytic note "make the same as blue quilt" attached.  Problem is I don't have a blue quilt, lol.

The picture in my header is one Aud took the second day out on our trip.  Just loved the desolation of the abandoned house. 


Anonymous said...

Wow, that is an incredible picture! ~Dana

Penny said...

I agree - that photo is wonderful.

Judy Laquidara said...

So . . am I bad influence or a good influence? Fabric buying or bread baking? :)

Love Aud's picture. I want to live there -- in an abandoned house with no neighbors!

Carol said...

What an awesome picture!