Thursday, April 8, 2010

I think I might have goofed

For those of you who follow Judy's  blog, she posted about these rolls found at  Fogo de Chao.  Well, I finally got around to making them, but I don't think I did them right.  These look pretty good here, however.
For one thing, I didn't mix the batter up real well, lol, and it sure made a mess in the bottom of my oven. (from the corn oil that overflowed I think).  I have to giggle every time I think of that.  We had just cleaned it about a month ago too. 

So some of them were tough as nails, and one pan I couldn't even get out.  Oh, and the recipe makes 5 pans of 12...that is a lot of rolls, even small ones, for 2 people, lol. I will try again because I am fascinated with them.  I ate a dozen of them as it was.  The cleaning lady took the rest of them home, not sure she liked them, but was probably afraid to say no, she didn't want them. 

In another life I was an excellent cook.  I am no longer.  I don't remember how, for one thing, because Aud has done the cooking for the last 18 years until recently, and I have no memory.  And hers was getting pretty bad (her cooking and her memory) and she decided she was through cooking,  so I was elected. I am having to remember how to cook again.  I am scouring the net and buying more cookbooks and slowly but surely am finding my way again.  However, I have come upon a period where what I am cooking is not too good.  I certainly hope that changes soon. Both Aud and I are fearful every time we sit down to eat one of my creations. These rolls are a prime example.  My mind wanders off so much I forget where I am in a recipe. And with everything else that is going on, I am too tired to really think about it evidently.  Sad thing is, we aren't losing any weight thanks to Ben and Jerry's Cherry Garcia.  


Judy Laquidara said...

I've heard a couple of others say the oil overflowed in the oven. I've never had that happen. I use a stick blender and mix them up real well and I half the recipe. Hope they work better for you next time.

Vicky said...

ROFLOL. You and your adventures! Who knew they'd "overflow" to the kitchen! I hear you on the cooking thing, but things are getting better here - and they will for you, too! In the meantime, we'll enjoy your attempts!

Red Geranium Cottage said...

Well they look delicious Perry. I'd eat them. lol But then I'm hungry all the time.
Hang in there you'll get back in the groove!!

Cheryl said...

Ther look super duper yummy to me!

Anonymous said...

Hello again Peri,

Know it's been forever since you heard from me but we were sort of lucky not to need to be at the VAMC recently. Unfortunately, hubby fractured his right ankle last June (driving foot of course) so we had surgeries etc. done locally. Then we had that wonderful "blizzard for Christmas." Hope we never see another such Winter or I want to move even more south. My mother was ill in CA at the holiday and we managed to fly out of OKC and back over the only 5-day period it did not snow, freeze, or otherwise cancel flights. Mom passed away end of Jan. I was worried you weren't blogging much and I thought of Aud. Hope her shingles are improving.

We were up to OKC VAMC just Monday and I got to quitck-shop at Quiltworks and then the yarn shop on May-Britton. They told us how to get over the Lake Hefner and we had a lovely dinner overlooking the lake. Would love to do that again, but we do little with the VA lately. Our Agent Orange-diabetes problems have lay low since a local MD here did remarkable revision surgey on the foot that kept getting reinfected. We looked for other resources when the VA wanted to amputate hubby's leg.

Otherwise I am quilting "spring" quilts like crazy since the weather has changed and let us all out of the house finally. Love the trees, flowers, and green grass again. We saw lots of redbuds on the way to OKC. We always enjoy those.

Regards to Aud. Watch that baking. It's good but just so danged full of calories. Hope you are well and busy gardening.