Wednesday, April 7, 2010

What in the World is This?

This just worries me to pieces.  Aud has complained all day of her arm hurting her and she has aches and pains quite often from arthritis, as do I, and some days the pain is worse, so we both just attributed it to that.  She takes 8 pills a day of  Ultrim, which is a pain med, but it hasn't seemed to help. And since she had on a long sleeved t shirt all day neither of us noticed anything unusual.

Well, she took a bath a little bit ago, and just came in here and showed this to me.  It looks like hives with little blisters all over.  And just on her right arm.  And it hurts.  I have no idea what it is or what to do for it. 

I think we are both hoping it will go away while we sleep. So weird. We haven't done anything out of the ordinary, although she did sit out on the back porch some yesterday while we were working in the yard, but I don't think that is what has caused this.

I think it may be from stress.  A long time ago I had hives like this when my son decided to try to cut his fingers off by riding a rolling fence and he got his fingers caught in the rollers.  Due to the presence of a great surgeon he did not lose his fingers or the dexterity of his fingers, but I had stupid hives for a year every time I got stressed over something. 

Bless her heart, it seems to be one weird thing after another. 


Carol said...

Poor Aud, Poor you! I have absolutely no clue what that might be, but I'd say if it's not better today maybe she needs to get it checked....maybe a reaction to one of her meds...but weird just in that one place. Bless her heart. Sending tons more good thoughts.

Anonymous said...

It looks like shingles to me....go see your doctor.

Colleen said...

Looks like Herpes Zoster... shingles. It will be painful. She needs to see her doctor. It will make a streak across one spot on her body. There might be an antiviral to help but usually you need to take it within the first 24 hours or so for maximum effectiveness. Good luck!

Lisa D. said...

Poor Aud - she's been through so much. It certainly does look like shingles - I've had them and they are very painful. I hope she can get some relief.

Sherrill said...

Yep I, too, think it's shingles. YUCK, poor thing! Hope she feels better soon.

Anonymous said...

She needs a "Texas fix". That looks really bad and I agree that y'all need to go to the doctor. Sleeping ain't gonna cure it silly girl! Love to both of y'all.