Monday, August 30, 2010

Mac Attack!

During all of the stuff that has been going on the last three months, I finally got sick and tired of Microsoft and Dell and all of the "$##$%" that seems to be involved in keeping a computer going using these products, so......I went with a Mac!  And, I love it!!! love it!!! love it!!!  Even having to work with my AT&T DSL modem didn't seem to cause any problems!  Amazing!

It took me all of five minutes to get my internet up and going, 5 more minutes to connect my wireless printer to my computer, and about 10 minutes more to load programs taking the place of Excel and Word and a publishing program. I was not sure whether the changeover would be a problem, but so far it hasn't been too bad and I am in seventh heaven!  Things are really just so simple you don't expect it.

The graphics are awesome and the whole experience is so upbeat it is a pleasure to use a computer again.

I have had an IPhone for a year now, which I have now upgraded to IPhone 4, and then I treated myself to an IPad.  Wow!  I now have all of my music downloaded and all of my pictures on my IPad and my computer, and I have selected ones on my IPhone.

Of course Aud decided that she had to have an IPad too so we got her one and now she also can look at all of the pictures we took on our trip last year and all of the other pictures that I have taken in the last few years.  Plus, she has access to all of my music.

We both are truly enjoying this ongoing adventure.


Yvette said...

I had it with Dell and Microsoft last year and made the change to MAC too! I have not regretted it for one second.

Kathie said...

I love my mac will never buy anything else
oh I am so jealous I have wanted an ipad ever since they came out....
In sept I am upgrading to the Iphone 4 yeah :)

kathi pinkston said...

just adding that I love U!

Nancy in WI said...

When I read the heading "Mac Attack", I thought it was going to be about McDonald's! Ha!
Nancy in WI

Pat said...

I just got an iPhone and love it! I'm usually a couple of years behind technology, so it'll be a while till I have an iPad... Played with one in the Apple store, though - very nice.

Love your remodeling - the kitchen looks fantastic!