Sunday, August 29, 2010

Trying to Catch Up

Ok, I have decided I am going to try to get back to blogging.  A certain friend of mine who shall remain nameless is insistent that I do this, and she has nagged me so much I am going to try.  She even told me just to say I have gone on an extended vacation so people wouldn't keep looking at this empty blog, lol.

I haven't blogged in forever because we have been doing some remodeling to the house and Aud has been having some health problems.

I am glad to say the remodeling is done, and Aud seems to be on an even keel for now.  She had some blood clots break loose in her legs and one ended up in her lungs in April, and she has been on coumiden to break down the clots since then.  She is also on oxygen all of the time, but that seems to be getting better and she can stay off of her "tether" for a couple of hours or so each day.

Actually, the way things go around here, sometimes she is off longer than that, but not intentionally, lol.  I think it's called, "hmmm, I forgot".  She is having to take a lot of pills and in order not to miss some of them, I have "pill alarms" set on her Iphone (yes, Ms Aud has an Iphone) and we are continually looking for her Iphone to turn them off.  Even that doesn't always help her remember to take her pills.
To look at Ms Aud in this picture you would think she was the picture of health, and at 93, if I should live so long, I hope I look as good as she does.

This is the dress she chose to wear to her last doctor's appointment.  She did add a small jacket, lol.

I am afraid we won't be going on an extended vacation this year, I think both of us would even settle for a short one, but the oxygen need presents a problem, so we are taking short vacations in front of the TV.

So far we have traveled in Alaska with the Ice Road Truckers and gone "Pickin" with the American Pickers through the countrysides of several states, overseen the making of custom autos and motorcycles, and watched the "pawn" stars buy lots of strange things in Las Vegas.

We have also become a little more educated from watching Wild Russia, gotten hungry from watching some of the food shows, and helped a lot of people while they were looking for houses to buy.  They didn't always follow our advice I am afraid.

Not getting much quilting done.  I did dig out this quilt that I started about 4 years ago and am trying to get it finished up.  It it called Road to Oklahoma and will be fairly large when I finish.  Thinking about 85 or 90 square.

One of the things I did while we remodeled was repurpose some of the rooms in the house and I have made what was the breakfast area attached to the kitchen my main sewing area.  I love the light and the window I can see out of and the proximity to the kitchen.
Ok, that is all for now.  See you later!


Nancy in WI said...

Welcome back from no blogger Nancy in WI! Glad to see you are both still kicking and doing good. I traveled to Alaska with the Ice Road Truckers too. Hope Aud continues to be on the mend and I love your quilt! Nancy in WI

Anonymous said...

The heavens parted and the angels said TA DA...Perry is back in blogland. YES!

You know in Texas we ask...we receive!!!! That, by the way, dear friend, is not nagging! It's called pushing and I wonder who I learned that from?

WOW...great blog.

Ms. Aud is still the DIVA, isn't she?

Love the quilt but think the true name is "Road to Texas".

Henrietta said...

Happy to see you back!

Carol said...

Perry it's great to see you back...Aud looks fantastic! She is amazing. Your new sewing area is great and I'm loving that quilt. BEAUTIFUL!

Lisa D. said...

I'm so happy to see you back and what a cute picture of Aud! Love your quilt in progress and look forward to seeing more!