Tuesday, August 2, 2011

I Can't Find My Wallet!

Aud, come on!  Your doctor's appointment is in 15 minutes!

I can't find my wallet.
What do you mean, you can't find your wallet.
I walk into her bedroom and she is digging through her dresser drawers with her blue purse in one hand.
It's not here and it's not in my dresser.
Have you looked in your chair?
Yes, it's not there.
I raise the chair...look under the chair...is it there?   No.
Did you look in the living room?
Yes, it's not there.
It has to be here somewhere, you haven't been anywhere.
It's not here.
That's not the right purse you are looking in
Yes it is
I don't think so, do you have your keys in there?
We search the house.
Mother, this is ridiculous, we are going to be late and you don't need your wallet right now and you do have the keys.
I need my money and it is in my wallet.
I have money, we can look for your wallet when we get back.  Aud we are going to be late!
Well the keys aren't in here either.
What do you mean, the keys aren't in there? You can't lose the car key, it is the extra one that has the computer thingy in it.
Well, it's not here either.
Can I look?
Yes, but it's not there!
You're right, it's not in here either. This isn't the right purse.  Aud, the last purse you used was the bag thing that is striped.
I looked in that one, it's not there.
Can I look?
yes. but it's not there!
I go to her closet and picked up the striped bag that is laying on the floor in the corner.  Is this the bag
you looked in?
This isn't the right bag, Aud.  The stripes went up and down, not around.
That's the purse I used
Well, your wallet is not in there.
I know that
Let me look in the car and see if it dropped out. What really concerns me is where in the $%#@ the car key is!
I look in the car.  Of course it is not there.
I walk back in the house
Aud, come on, we have to go.
I found it!
Where was it?
Well. when you said something about that not being the right bag, you were right.  It was in the other striped bag, and so are the keys.
Where was the purse?
Under some clothes in the closet.
Oh for cripes sakes!  Come on, we are late.
We get in the car and head out to the doctor.
Don't let that happen again Perry.
What?   Let what happen again?
Don't lose my keys again.
Ok, Aud, I will be more careful from now on.


Carol said...

Oh Perry! Thank goodness you can laugh!

Lisa said...


Yvonne said...

You are too funny.....LOL!

deb said...

It can only get better....lololololol!!!!
AND funny but my security word is Granni......lol....