Wednesday, August 3, 2011

I Don't See The Card

Continuing on with the surreal week I seem to be having......

It is 108 here this afternoon and I just got home from doc visit and a couple of errands I needed to run.
And the following is one of the reasons I am not getting anything accomplished this week in the way of working on Grace.

Hello, Toyota?  I need to get my oil changed.  Do you have time today?
(been trying for two weeks now and they want me to leave it all day, hah)
Can you leave the car?
Well, you are looking at a couple of hours
Ok, will check back later

Well, let's see, I have a couple of coupons and a gift certificate to Coldwater Creek.  Guess I will drop by there and see what they have and then check back with Toyota and see if they can do the car.

I go to Coldwater Creek, find several things for me and several for Aud.  It is our favorite place to shop and  they know us there, etc.  Oooh, don't have my card with me, oh well, I can call Aud and get her to give me the numbers.

Calling Aud,

Mom, would you please go look in that basket besides my chair and get the Coldwater Creek card out?  I need the number.

Hang on, I just got out of the shower and I don't have my glasses on.....
hmmm, can't see very well, let's see, this is  Blockbuster  .....

I don't want Blockbuster
I know, I am looking, I can't see very well

Audrey, go get your glasses please
Ok, I have to put the phone down, be right back.....

Ok, let's see, hmmmm, no, no, no, here's Amazon,
No, I don't want Amazon, just Coldwater Creek,
It should be leaning against the front edge of that basket,
No, not here..... here's Ethel
Ethel? I don't have an Ethel credit card
Oh, no , this is just a card,
Mother, we are looking for a credit card
No, I don't see it, here's .... and here's ..... and so on and so on

Well, look in the black card case, that is probably where it is
no, it is not here
Are you sure?
Yes, I have looked through it twice.
Ok, never mind, I will use my other card.
(I like to use my Coldwater Creek card because I get "rewards")
Thanks for looking.  See you after while.
Pay for our stuff, and leave.

My Toyota has keyless entry, and I walk up to it and pull on the handle, and it doesn't open.  Sometimes when I leave it with valet parking at the doc's office, it won't open without the key for a couple of times.

So, no problem, I get the key out and press the button and I can hear the beep but the door doesn't open.  Now it is 108 and I am "sweating" and thinking, great, just what I need, middle of this heat and the electronics are affected.  I press the button again, and nothing.

I glance in the car, and hmmm, maybe this isn't my car.  It looks like my car, though
I go around to the front, and there is an L emblem on it.  This isn't my car, this is a Lexus!

I look around, and my car is two spaces down.  :)   Thank heavens no one was around, I felt like a fool, but it wasn't beeping and no alarm was going off.  Yay for that!

I grin, get in my car, turn the a/c as high as it will go, and head home.  No way am I going to go sit in the dealer's waiting area for 2 hours or so.

I do stop and fill the car with gas and am thinking, please let me get home before I can't breathe!

I get home,  look where I told Aud to look for the card, and sure enough, it is right where I told her it was.  I notice the connecting cord for the camera to connect to the computer is laying on the floor and it usually is attached to my camera case.

Mother, the card was where I told you it was.
Show me
I show her the card case, and she says, that's not the case I looked in.
What case did you look in
The one that looks like one to hold your glasses.
Did it have a camera in it?
Well, that is my camera case, and I show her the card case, it too is black, and it is right beside the camera case!
Oh, I didn't see that.    ARRRRGGGGGGGG!!!!!!  I am not yelling!  Why?  Not sure!  Wouldn't do any good anyway

Aud goes off to change clothes, and I am getting a fashion show will I am opening mail.

And, then,
I hate to tell you this, Perry, but I don't like this blouse.  It is too hot and I don't like the feel of it.

Ok, I will take it back tomorrow.

It doesn't matter how many times we have gone out there or how much or how little we buy when we go, there is always at least one item that has to go back, lol.  And it is a good 10 or 12 mile to the store we go to.

Tomorrow I will return the blouse, pick up my BOM from the local quilt store, and go set in the Toyota place with a Starbucks and my Ipad and get the oil changed in the car.  Maybe the third time is a charm.


Anonymous said...

I always get such a laugh reading your Aud stories. And it's funny with the car, is it a Camry? My husband has one and whenever we go out to get in the car we have to really look because there are always like 4 or 5 of the same car parked in the same aisle, silver seems to be a popular color.

Stitched With Prayer said...

Between yesterdays wallet search and today's phone conversation and card search, I honestly laughed till tears were rolling. I read yesterdays post to my husband because we had a conversation almost exactly like it last week...well, not even almost it was identical as everything was right where I said it would be. Thanks so very much for a great laugh!

Oh, by the day in the store I wasn't feeling very well so I went to sit in the car. I got in, laid my head back and when the car door opened, some man I didn't know asked if I needed a ride. guessed it, my car was two more down, same color, same model, same least it explained why the car doors weren't locked, LOL. I was fortunate that the gentleman who owned the car got a good laugh out of it too. Talk about embarrassed...Hugs

Carol said...

OH Perry...we had Lucy and Ethel for so many we have Perry and Aud! You make me laugh so hard!

Chris H said...

Oh that was so funny!
And I have stood by the wrong car and wondered why it wouldn't unlock too!
Yep... felt like a right twit too. lol

deb said...

LOLOLOL...thanks for the laugh today..........I can relate!!!!!!