Friday, September 9, 2011

IF You Live Long Enough you.......

can tell your child or children everything they ever did that you didn't like, or tell them stories that you have no idea whether they are true or not.

Sometimes, the ones Aud tells explain some of the reasons I am like I am.  (And sometimes I wonder if she makes stories up just because)

I am an only child and have always had the irritating (to some people) habit of trying to tell people how to do things, or trying to fix something that I think they are doing the wrong way.  Well, now I know why.

We are driving down some road a couple of days ago having one of those ongoing (for us anyway) conversations about why we have made some of the decisions involving our move from Texas to Oklahoma 10 years ago.  We always come up with variations on a theme of the reasons.

Imagine my surprise, when out of the blue, Aud says to me...You always were a sh*tt* child.....

What?   What do you mean?

Well, you were.

Oh, ok, well great, Mom, thanks for letting me know.  What took you so long to come to that conclusion?

And we laughed, and went on our way.

This afternoon, out of the blue, Aud says to know when I told you you were a sh**ty


Well, what I meant by that is.....when you were little I wanted you to be so perfect and act right in every instance so I taught you from right and wrong and how you should act. like.....

Little girls don 't do that, this is the way you act, etc...

I didn't have any siblings to boss around,  and Aud says  I just bossed everyone else, and some people didn't take it very well, and guess what, they still don't, lol. 

and for the last 72 years that is exactly what I have done.

The moral of this story is, if there is one,  if you live long enough you can blame all of your shortcomings or goings on your parents.


Chris H said...

I have to agree there!

quiltmom said...

I don't know if my son feels the same but maybe some day he will- Being an only child is a double edge sword for sure- you get all the expectations and demands showered on you when you are an only. I do think that most parents want their kids to be the best they can be especially when they are out in public.
Having said that I am sure that Aud thinks that she was blessed with the best when she had you. I am also sure she appreciates that you are able to live together in a house.
I love your Aud stories- She really is a character.
Have a great week.
Warmest regards,

AnnieO said...

It seems logical that Only children think more like adults than those with siblings, because that's who is their play companion, an adult. And of course adults are always giving instruction. No wonder Only children interact differently than those with siblings! Go ahead and blame it on Aud, she's definitely the one responsible for you not having a brother or sister to order about, lol!

Judy Laquidara said...

Chad is an only child and I can see exactly what you're talking about. He even tries to tell me what to do! I'm sure you were a wonderful child and you're a wonderful adult.