Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Sometimes when things just don't seem to be going well, I look at the yard and see bits and pieces of spring in all it's glory and promises of things to come and it gives me such a sense of peace.

Yellow Iris transplanted this year

back yard lilies and climatis

azaleas in front yarx

climatss climbing on  yard shed

antique rose bush, mums in waiting, yellow lilies
that have escaped being transplanted

Forest Purple Pansy RoseBud Tree

east back yard

anemones in late March


MB in MI said...

Beautiful Perry! Can't wait till we get some major blooms going on here!! Enjoy the yard--it's lovely.

Chris H said...

Lovely yard you have.
WE are heading into Fall (Autumn) and I love all the colours changing on the tree leaves.

Judy said...

I was so happy this morning to see you started blogging again! I had to go back and read all of them since your hiatus. Your garden is beautiful and I'm glad you're back!

Hitchhiker42 said...

I like your antique rose bush. May I ask what variety that is? That deep scarlet purple is really great. I have been buying roses from a nursery in France since I moved to Europe. Fabien Ducher has a lot of old roses. When I lived in USA, I was a big fan of Roses of Yesterday & Toady, and Vintage Gardens.