Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Washing Woes

The last two weeks were a total disaster around here as far as anything productive going on.  Both Aud and I had a stomach virus of some sort and to top off the first week both the washer and the dryer decided it was time to quit.  Called the repairman and ended up replacing the dryer and fixing the washer.

Things are never being simple at this place, This happened on a Thursday, and the part needed for the washing machine had to be ordered and would not arrive until Monday.  Got up out of my sick bed and went to alliance store we deal with to buy a new dryer and of course it also had to be ordered and it would be Tuesday before it would get in and could be installed.

Last Monday, the washer was duly fixed and ready to go.  On Tuesday morning the dryer was delivered and hooked up.  It is a gas dryer and I needed it moved over a little bit from where they hooked it up, they moved it and off they went.

I washed some sheets, put them in the dryer and it took them two hours to dry.  Something is wrong here.  I call the appliance store, and they tell me it will be Wednesday before they come out.  Well, we got that straighter out in about 5 minutes and they showed up about an hour later.  The technicians had turned off the gas to move the dryer over and forgot to turn it back on.  Unreal, right?

I wash 4 loads of clothes and dry them and then I wash a small quilt that I use as a table topper on my table, and I cannot get it to spin dry!  Finally end up wringing it out by hand and getting it dry in the dryer.

Of course I call the washer repairman the next morning and my regular person isn't available so they send me someone else. The washer is acting like it did before I had it repaired so I assumed it was a bad part.  After a lengthy discussion with first repairman via telephone and owner of said repair company we finally decided that what was happening was the washer was compensating for an unbalanced load and was never able to spin properly.  The part replaced was a water value of some sort and since our water was now so soft it was able to spray more water since the pipes weren't clogged up. Now to compensate for a  small load of a heavy object I have to add a couple of towels to make the silly thing spin correctly.

This washer is a Whirlpool Duet which is a front loader, and the way it works it balances the load ever little bit so it won't fly off into the next room.  Picture that.  The new dryer is also a Whirlpool Duet with steam.  I have been informed that it has had problems, but Ms Aud was insistent that is what she wanted, and as the song goes, "What Lola wants, Lola gets".  :}

I see repair bills down the road, but the dryer is a beauty.

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Anonymous said...

We just got a pair of the high efficiency ones last year, they take a little getting used to. We debated on the steam feature and didn't get it. The salesman said that if you want steam just have a spray bottle of water to spray the clothes with before turning on the wrinkle release, I do that and it seams to do the trick. I figure one less thing to break. I can't believe how much the soap is for these things though.