Saturday, July 26, 2008

Another Week Already

Wow, not sure where this one went to, but I managed to blow off a great deal of it. I did a little stash busting of some quilt stores, and did a little reading. I was trying to get my reading done before my eye surgery, but that got cancelled today for some reason, not sure why. I will find out next week.

I had ordered a new quilt rack from a local gentleman that makes them for me out of walnut and he bought it over to me this week. Isn't it magnificent? I need to rearrange the living room so I can get this one in a corner behind a chair, but for right now I am just enjoying looking at it. It is 8 feet tall and wider than usual. Aud's remark where is the next one going? We are running out of wall space, lol.

Here are some Moda Muslin Mates that I bought from Web Fabrics. I wanted to see what these looked like and I had not seen them before in a group. There were some dark ones which I did not buy, surprise, surprise! lol

And here is my yummy Portugal and the pattern I am going to use to make it. This will be a quick quilt to make; now to find some quick time to make it!

And here are two batiks I found at Quiltworks that will be perfect for backgrounds. I try to buy them when I can get them; they are hard to find when you need them.
Last on my buying spree was this ruler from . Supposedly this comes in handy when you are making some of the stripped quilts that are out there right now, so one must be prepared.
I took a mini vacation during the middle of the week and just read. My arthritis was giving me fits so I took Kim's advice about books that she liked and went to the library and checked out Sara Donati's Into The Wilderness series. Let me back up a bit, I checked these out for Aud several weeks ago and she didn't get them read before I had to return them, so I ordered them from Amazon and they had come in. Aud had read part of the first one and loved it. So, since I was hurting from the A and really didn't feel like doing anything but pouting, I just read for 3 whole days. I hate to put a book down once I start it so I just didn't. I read the first two books in this saga. I love them. They grab you like the Diana Gabaldon books do. I try not to get on a reading binge too often because this is what happens, but these books are definitely worth it.
There are 3 more of them in this series I think, but I have an Amazon Kindle should have been here today and didn't come, which upsets me. I will order them for the Kindle because the print will be bigger and I figure I can read some maybe while my right eye is healing. More about this Kindle when it comes next week. It is basically an e-reader. If you want to look at it, go to is on their opening page.
Ok, I am out of words for now I think. Hope everyone has a terrific weekend. I am going to be working on my Peace and Plenty applique blocks. Only 3 to go, so I need to catch up.


Penny said...

I have the Kindle - love it! You'll enjoy having it.

How do you like the muslim mates? I thought about ordering some when they were on sale but wanted to ask someone how they compared to Kona then forgot about it.

I'll have to try out those books.

Betty J in OKC said...

I *love* your muslin-mates. That reminded me of a booth I found at the Paducah 2008 quiltshow. They have great colored/themed bundles for reasonable prices. Hope you can get your eye-surgery soon and your arthritis goes back into remission. :)

Mar said...

love the quilt rack, it is magnificent! ahh the Portugal choices are lovely too!

Stephanie D. said...

I've been thinking of getting my daughter a Kindle for Christmas, so I will be interested to see if you like it. There were mixed reviews on Amazon about it, so I've held off buying one til I see more positive evaluations.

quiltmom said...

Hi Perry,
The quilt rack is gorgeous- what a great way to display your quilts.
I borrowed the Sara Donati book from the library but didn't get a chance to read it so I will have to borrow it again.
Have you a new date for your eye surgery?
I love the Monet banner on your blog.

Red Geranium Cottage said...

What great fabs you've been buying. And sooo why was the surgery cancelled???? Your gonna be able to see me when I get there arent you???? LOL!!!!

Ginger Patches said...

I'll have to go check out those books. I love to find a fun new author :) I can't wait to see how the kindle works for you. My mom is waiting to get her second eye surgery and still can't quite see well enough to read, she's been in and out of the hospital so much that it would be great to find something that would enable her to read again.

Portugal will look great in that pattern!

Candace said...

Angie at Timber Hill Threads had a post on the Kindle
She seemed to love it.
Love your quilt rack.

Sherry said...

Sorry I'm so behind, been away from blog reading for awhile. I just love that Portugal fabric, one of my new favorites! So far I've only purchased several charm packs & I'm finishing up an altered 9 patch with them but I have got to get some yardage, the colors are just gorgeous! Love the pattern you selected.

Barbie Jo said...

Your mention of Quiltworks made me feel homesick! I lived in Edmond 19 years before we transfered to KC. Spent much time and money there, love the staff and wonderful fabric selection.
Have a wonderful weekend.