Friday, July 18, 2008

Designer BOM,Patterns, Other Stuff

Have you ever had a disjointed week where you never found your groove? I am raising my hand high on that one this week! I think it is because the moon has been full.

Started off with Dr's appt, the main word there is EXERCISE! I told them they tell me that every year, why don't you just not subject me to all of that blood work and save us all some time and trouble and just call me and say, "The Doctor says EXERCISE".

I have some rheumatoid arthritis markers showing up and they want me to go to a specialist for tests. All I can say is ^&*!!!! I won't go where they want to send me because it is downtown so they are going to send me to their first choice, but I can't get in until October or so. So of course the last 3 days I have hurt all over my overweight body! Even the fat is aching! Other than that everything is fine. Low cholesterol, low blood pressure, etc, the picture of health.

Then to the eye doc on Thursday and I am scheduled for my right eye cataract removal on the 29th of this month. I will be so glad when all of that is over.

A friend of mine woke me up at noon, told me to get my lazy *** out of bed and meet her for lunch, so I did. Then I had a Starbucks Green Tea Frap with Raspberry Syrup....ooooh..that should add some time to my exercise routine for sure!

So here I have deposited myself in my chair for most of the afternoon and then to make this an official screwed up week, Aud and I went to get some KFC. All healthy stuff here, right?

Anyway, what I am getting at is this. I am looking at Quilt Stores on the internet, and of course I usually end up at The Fat Quarter Shop. This time was no exception. Have you ever just wanted to spend a little money just because you haven't lately? lol....well, that's where I was and I decided to look at her patterns.

If you haven't looked at the pattern section on Kimberly's web site you need to treat yourself to that. She has patterns buried in there that I have never seen anywhere else. Not only does she have patterns for "real" quilts, lol, but there is even a separate section for charm patterns. I should have stuck to looking at fabric! There are some neat, neat patterns in there, like this one and this one (not a good picture but the pattern has definite possibilities) and this one (great for all of the Moda scraps we all have) , this one , this one , this one and don't forget all of the Miss Rosie's . There are patterns in there for paper dolls and any and every kind of bag and purse and tote. I know this sounds like a commercial but I really found some great patterns on there, and you can actually SEE them, which I can't say the same about a lot of places. It was very soothing to be able to just sit and look at them and decide which ones I "couldn't live without".

Of course I did manage to pick up some fabric while I was at it. Have to make my monthly payment for Emma's college, you know, lol. As Sharon would say, "I'm just sayin!"

Did manage to get a little bit done this week so far.
Block Two in the Designer BOM I am doing from The Fat Quarter Shop. This is going to be a gorgeous quilt if the first two blocks are any indication.

These are some more of my batik blocks I am working on. Running out of wall space, lol.
I guess that is all for now. Have a great weekend!!!


Mar said...

Wow, you are great at keeping up with these BOM's!!! The look great.

Gena in Dallas said...

Anything April Cornell is usually worth buying. I've been revisiting the "Twinkle" pattern on FatQuarter Shop site, but I have too many to work on as it is. I agree the BOM is going to be wonderful when complete. Good luck with the eye surgery.

Carol said...

Can't wait to get home and get my block for the'll be in my're right, that's going to be a beautiful quilt.

Julia said...

I haven't received the second one for the BOM yet. Of course, I haven't made the first one yet either. You are so good to stay caught up on them. You are my inspiration to get going.
Ahhhhhh, the exercise thing. Something that we all should do. Wish we all lived in the same neighborhood and then we could walk together and talk quilts the whole time!

Quilting Journey said...

And when you do post...we all flock on over and enjoy! You are/have been/are going...where we all have/are/ we can relate, trust me. Your blocks are so warm and so lovely, I could curl up my fat quarters under them and just give my eyes a nice rest, too! Don't ever feel like you're alone dear're not!

Red Geranium Cottage said...

I'm just sayin.......ARE YOU EXERCISING YET???? And that doesnt mean walking to the counter at Starbucks.
Love your blocks. And stop trying nto make us shop and buy more stuff. LOL!!!!!

Perry said...

Sharon, Emma is going to an expensive college, I can't send her by myself! lol...besides we have to help keep the economey going.

Libby said...

There's nothing wrong with a little online retail therapy . . . I think every girl should engage in some regularly *s*

Vicky said...

Never fear; I'm helping with college fund, too!

Your mystery block looks great. I did mine Sunday night, and now there's a long month to wait for the next one!

Good luck with your cataract surgery. I'll be facing that before too long. (Hugs)

Cheryl said...

Perry, now you are going to make me go look over at Fat Quarter Shop you bad girl. That will be my exercise for the day. Came home from our trip and my #2 Designer BOM was waiting. Can't wait to make it. I'm with you..this quilt is going to be wonderful.