Monday, July 14, 2008

A Little Quilting Going on Here!

I am so excited! I have actually gotten a little quilting done this week. My quilting room looks like a complete disaster. I took a picture of it and decided it was too bad to look at, lol. I never let it get so cluttered. I have actually hung up another design wall 20 x 40 in an area I found on a wall, and made a "hanging design wall", which is pictured further down. I have so much up on the main design wall right now I am running out of room and I don't want to take anything down at the moment, don't have time, lol.

This is Peace and Plenty Block 11.

I have started my batik quilt I wanted to do and here is one of the blocks.

Another block from the batik quilt.

Others from the batik quilt. I have already changed the one with the pink in it, lol, I don't like it. It feels so good to finally be working with batiks again. I love all of the colors in them.

Moving right along with my Web Sampler, I have the house and its border done. I still have so much to do, not sure it will be finished by Sept 1 after all.

Here's another view along with all the "stuff" that is scattered everywhere.

And here is my hanging design wall. I have a hook over the door, so I just took a hanger and pinned some batting on it and then pinned the batting to a hanger and put the blocks on. Just think you could have lots of hanger design walls, lol.

And, I put my Janome Platinum in a new sewing table that I purchased from SewEzi. Their website is . I am so pleased with this table. It folds flat, has wheels, a carrying handle, and a "suitcase" type slip cover to store or take it in. They custom fit the acrylic inserts to your machine and I ordered this one day and it was here 3 days later. It is just the right size too. Just thought I would mention this in case one of you is looking for a portable solution to a table.

Aud has shingles and is having a tough time with them which is not good. I got an all clear on my cancer which makes 2 years out, and I have an appointment with the eye doc on Thursday. My eye has improved enough I am hoping she will schedule the right eye so I can get through the eye bit before something else on me goes haywire, lol.

The only other thing I know worth noting is I have a new LG HDTV that is just super. I never knew TV could look so good, lol. I am watching stuff I never watched before because it is so sharp. We have other HDTVs in the house, but this one is in my room and I am like a kid with a new toy, lol.

I guess that is all from me for this week. I keep saying I am going to post more frequently but that just "ain't happening" at the moment.

Hope everyone has a wonderful week ahead of them!


Carol said...

Perry your WS is coming along beautifully...I knew I should have picked that looks like it's going together beautifully. That sewing table looks wonderful....and I'm nuts about your little hanging design walls. What a clever girl you are! Thanks for sharing.

Lisa D. said...

You've been super productive! Wow - all the blocks look great. I love your Web Sampler!

Libby said...

Wow - you have been really productive. Love seeing all those blocks on display *s*

Julia said...

Wow, you are a very busy lady!!
How do you keep so many projects going at once? Amazing!!!

So glad to hear about the all clear on your cancer, that is fantastic news!! Hope that Aud gets to feeling better soon.

kcamou said...

Wow, you have really found your quilting groove again, good for you! I love your batik blocks!!!

Stephanie D. said...

I love batiks, too! My summer swap quilt is done in batiks, and I've been collecting them for a jewel box quilt for me some day.

I think I like your sewing table better than the one I just bought. Custom fitting would have been better, but I will make do because it's better than what I had.

Great idea for the hanging design wall--I'm going to use that!

ranette said...

I'm glad to hear that you like your little table. I've thought about getting one and I think I will now. Love the WebSampler and all of your quilts and blocks.

Shelina said...

Wow you really have been busy! I love the idea of the hanger design wall. That is something that is doable for me!

Candace said...

Your blocks look great and the web sampler is beautiful, also your design wall is very innovative. I love the little table, I am thinking of getting something like that for my Gem Platinum, too. We have a HDTV, they do have nice pictures.

Cheryl said...

WOW, a lot of quilting going on! Love your work space, it looks like one creative area. Great news on your doctor appointment .. 2 years, a BIG YEAH for you. Sorry about Aud and those nasty shingles. I had a spell of them last year and they are no fun :-(.

Nicole said...

Well you haven't been letting any grass grow under your feet! I think you picked the best Web Sampler setting. I wish I had gone with that one too. Great news on your doctor's appointment! And I envy you your new TV. I would love one of those! Ours is so huge and clunky. Once you see the amazing picture on those new flat screens, nothing else will do.

Karen said...

The project I like the best is the Web Sampler. I am anxious to see the finished project.
I have looked the the SewEZ table web site a couple times. I can't justify the need to purchase it as I have a sewing cabinet. I don't take my machine much of any where that I would need a folding table like that. But it sure looks like a good investment for someone that has no table or might sew with friends a lot.

Nancy said...

Oh, my, have you been the busy one! Such a terrific show and tell!

I hope the eye thing moves along quickly -- I had my second one done yesterday already, three weeks to the day from the first one, and I am 20/20 in both eyes as of this morning when I saw the doc. It is amazing. Of course the left one still isn't focused properly, we're waiting for the inflammation to start to diminish, but even this afternoon it is better than this morning!

Joe had shingles once and he said it was just horrible. I'm so sorry Aud is having to go through this.

Thinking of you both . . . ..

n, np

Red Geranium Cottage said...

Oh no Perry, how is Aud doing?? Shingles are so very painful I hear. Bless her heart. And I'm couldn't be happier for you and your "all's clear" on the cancer. WOOHOOOOOO
I love your new little sewing table for the Janome. That's neat.
Looks like you've been busy sewing up a storm over there. Glad the eyes are good to go.

Marcie said...

Every time I open your blog I see that beautiful house block. I didn't know it was getting bigger! It is fabulous! Great sewing room too!

Rose Marie said...

You have a design wall to 'die for' and love the idea about the hangers for holding your blocks. All your blocks are wonderful and that sampler is great.

Anonymous said...

Your web sampler is BEAUTIFUL! Your do great work.