Sunday, March 29, 2009

I Promised Pictures

I promised pictures so here they are.

We had some jewelry appraised and this was the table that the appraiser used for such things. See all of those "things"? They are, insignifcant diamonds. Not worth anything supposedly, but used in "pave" and fillers for rings, etc. He told us he had to change out the carpet every 4 or 5 years because it got so full of them. Isn't that wild?

Aud studying the paperwork etc on the new car.

Our salesman, aka Coach. He was so nice and so patient with us, and we had a good time. Finally the sales manager came over to join us because we were laughing so much.

And here is our new car. It is a Toyota Venza, and I just love it! Drives like a dream, has a wonderful stereo in it and bluetooth, keyless entry, etc. Such a fun car!

This was taken at the hospital while we were waiting for our car. This little boy in the corner looks just like I felt at the time. Really "p******d" at the world.

Taken on March 28 when it had finished snowing. My poor azaleas. Today however they appear to be ok.

Iphone...the only thing pleasant that came out of the "changing my telephone" experience. It is such fun and I have downloaded some apps so I can play Tetris, do Yoga, build bridges, etc. I also downloaded 2 dictionaries, a thesaurus, and some books from my Kindle because I can read them on this phone. Love it, love it, love it!!

New drinks that don't have a lot of calories, taste good, and don't appear to be full of sugar. Come in lots of flavors.

Coconut cupcakes. The recipe was on here and it is wonderful. Aud and I almost fought over them. Thank you Kim for posting this recipe.

Aud's new haircut. Doesn't she look younger?


Anonymous said...

Aud does look younger and I love that new car! It looks like you two are not lacking for anything to eat...cupcakes, cookies, etc. I like that. Might have to try those cupcakes myself. Nancy in WI

ranette said...

Aud looks beautiful!!! And so does the car...hehe

Looks like the azaleas will be fine. I don't think it was that cold in Oklahoma.

Watch out for the Refresh Fuze it's full of sugar (1bottle=1 servings). The peach/mango is my favorite ;o)

Pat said...

Great pictures! I'm about books like you are about quilty things. I really like Miss Aud's haircut, too. And your car! I've found myself paying attention to those commercials - great looking car! I like it!

tami said...

I have been wanting an iPhone too! I'm just waiting for my current Verizon plan to expire.

Lisa D. said...

Love Aud's new haircut and your car - what fun! Enjoy your new wheels!

Sharon said...

OMG you are moving up in the world arent you?? An Iphone AND a new car??? WHOA!!!!!!!!!! You better slow down. lolol Your new car is a cutie and Aud looks cute with her new hair cut.
Can you send me a cupcake?? PLEEZEEEEE!!

Jocelynilla said...

LOL the iPhone! My favorite apps that my boyfriend has on his are Connect Four, a great logic game called Soku, and Urban Spoon. How does the Yoga app work??