Monday, March 23, 2009

Joe B is Still Hanging Around

Joe B is still hanging around this month. Since no one else wanted to entertain him, he decided to stay here.

Since the first of March I have had continuous problems with my computer and AT&T. Unreal. If you heard screaming about the 15th of this month, it was me yelling at the Tech Department of AT&T. Talk about a horrible customer service experience and a worse technical help experience. I still get mad when I think about it. My internet has been intermittent....that should read practically non-exsistence....

I did get an IPhone through AT&T for my mobile phone. It is so much fun and I am using it for everything. I can even download books from my Kindle to read on it. I had my land line disconnected and only have the IPhone to worry with. I am not getting all the gimme calls and surveys now, YEA!!!

Then we decided to buy a car, which was interesting. We ended up buying a Toyota Venza and it has been so much fun to drive. I need to take a picture of it to share, but it is dirty now and needs to be washed, lol.

Then my doctor informed me I needed to get some weight off and eat better so I have joined the Silver Sneakers at Pacers, which is attached to one of the hospitals here. For all of you senior citizens who have AARP Supplemental Insurance this should be a service offered to you through AARP at no cost. It is a great program.

I was screened and all of my vitals recorded plus the sterling numbers of strength I am capable of, not! Programs were suggested and I will try to go at least 3 times a week.

So far I have tried several things and today I tried Pilates. I have hamstrings that have been sleeping for 15 years! They are screaming!! I don't think I have used some of these muscles in forever!

I am feeling much better and have started back to sewing on Wednesdays at a local quilt store. Maybe I will finally get some sewing done. I have some pictures to share, but that is going to have to wait a day or two.

Aud is doing ok, but her blood pressure is 20 points higher than usual, so we are going to have to really watch her diet. She had a doctor's appointment today and he is not happy about it. Tomorrow a dietician is going to come see her and put her on a strict diet. Not looking forward to that for sure. I think she is concerned, but hopefully we will get her back on task. She is still on coumidin and that is going well. He did increase her diuretics. She is in good spirits.

Aud had her hair cut and I took a picture. I swear she looks younger with it cut, lol.

JudyL has kindly donated a quilt to be raffled off for Cystic Fibrosis this year. I am waiting on my daughter to give me all of the details for those of you interested in buying tickets. It is a gorgeous quilt and a worthy cause. More on that as soon as possible I hope.

I think that catches me up. Thanks for all of the messages. It is wonderful to have blogger friends who keep up with you and encourage you to do things. I will try to get back on this week with quilty pictures.


Anonymous said...

About time! We missed you! No pressure here! Glad things are looking up. Diets and exercise suck but we have to do it. I went swimming with my sister after work today but yet I'm stiff every time I get out of the chair. It feels so good while I'm swimming but I feel like I got ran over with a Mack truck later in the evening. I hope it keeps me living longer. I'm having trouble with dry eyes this last month, doesn't matter how many drops I put in. I hope they come up with a good, do-able diet for Aud. Might be good for you to try too. I'm anxious to see some pictures. Later, Nancy in WI

Carol said...

Great to hear from you Perry...glad you're feeling better...I've been exercising now for a little over a first I thought I was going to die...but now I can honestly say if I have to skip a day at the gym, I really miss it. Can't wait to see Aud's hair. Mom got her hair cut short a month or so ago and I told her the same thing...she looks way younger. Keep up the good work.

ranette said...

Hi Perry....I'm so glad you posted, I was getting a bit worried! Are you sewing at Quiltworks or Sooner? Hopefully I'll be at Savage this Friday & Saturday for another applique class, that's if the weather doesn't turn as bad as they say. If you get time you should come by and say Hi.

Susan Ramey Cleveland said...

Sorry to hear about the computer problems. Would love to see pics of your new car and Aud's new hairdo. Missed hearing from you.

Pat said...

I've been checking almost daily and finally - you're back! Was getting concerned... Glad things are getting back on track. I, too, have BP to watch now! Since the weather has warmed a bit, I can walk my dog and there are stairs at work, so really no excuse.

Vicky said...

Oh, thank goodness; no adventures!!! It's good to read that you are doing well, new wheels, new energy! You go, girl!

LOL - word verification is 'fulful'. Does that mean we're both 'ful' of it?

Nicole said...

Glad to hear you are feeling better. Good for you for tackling the exercise thing. That is the hardest thing to get started on, but once your muscles stop complaining you can actually enjoy it!

Patti Cardona said...

I'm very glad that you're back. I've missed reading about your adventures.

Stephanie D. said...

Aaaggghh! I hate when the tech support is anything but supportive! I've toyed with getting rid of the land line, but I don't want my work having my cell phone number, so I guess we'll keep it. Like you, except for work and DH's sister, no one but the beggars ever call our home.

I've seen photos of the Venza--told DH that was a cute car. What made you change your mind again about buying a car?

Yeah, got the same lecture from my doc. I tried Pilates a few years back and remember it was harder than it looked! Kudos to you for doing it!

Gena in Dallas said...

Can't wait to see pictures.

Red Geranium Cottage said...

Hey there you are!!!! I've missed you. And I'm glad you and Aud are doing ok. And you GOT A NEW CAR??? WHOA!!! You have been busy. Exercising tooo? I'm so happy for you. And your hamstrings. How very nice of Judy L. to donate a quilt.