Sunday, March 1, 2009

Anybody Seen my Lost Brain Matter?

I am not sure where our spring went, but it has been cold here this week. Of course, not as cold as other places, and next week I will be gripping because it is supposed to get to 80 degrees.

Aud is doing OK I guess. She just seems to be struggling to get better and it worries me some. She doesn't feel like getting out, and I haven't gotten out much either.

Katy's "bone" problems have been weighing pretty heavy on my mind; I think it has finally bought home the reality that so far there is no cure for Cystic Fibrosis and that is a very sobering thought.

On a lighter note, my ex daughter-in-law and husband are expecting a daughter early in July so I need to get something pink sewn up for this child. I hope they call her Emily rather than Zoe; a good old fashioned American name would be wonderful I think. Please don't post that this thinking is un-American, lol, because I really don't care. I just want this child to have a nice peaceful sounding name I can relate to.

On to other things. I did get a little quilting done. When I picked up my BOM for the Posies quilt (haven't started it yet) I could not get past this pattern at Oklahoma Quiltworks. I just love it. So, it came home with me along with the Perle Cotton. Not a real good picture but you will get the idea from the closeups below.

The next 3 photos are of the area across the top of the quilt. I have prepared the fabric and am ready to go on it. Of course, as usual, I don't always have all of my brain together so there is a funny story to go along with this.

I was talking to one of my friends there about this pattern and she has made the one previous to this that was a winter scene with black and brown flying geese. She was telling me that rather than hand stitch a backing down she ironed wonder under on her fabric.

Ok, I can do that. I prepped this much of the fabric the other night and ironed on the wonder under, and I am thinking, hmmm, have to take the paper off. So I take the paper off, and, I am thinking to myself, this is sticky. I cut the pieces of fabric, get out my light box, lay the pattern on it and start tracing it all off. The whole time I am doing this I am really concerned about sewing on this sticky stuff.

Are you laughing yet? About the time I get through drawing the pattern on, it dawns on me....idiot, you have to iron the muslin on the back side of the wonder! That's your laugh for today!

I have been doing the button hole stitchwork on my Gatsy quilt. All 88 squares (I think...somewhere in that vicinity anyway). This takes a long time and is boring!!!!! I want to get this stitching finished up so I can get it put together and to the quilter. It has been a whole year since I have finished a quilt and I want a new quilt for my bed!

I hope everyone has a wonderful week!


Carol said...

What a wonderful, wonderful stitchery quilt that will be. Glad you're sewing.

ranette said...

I've thought about buying that pattern many times. I do have the black one with the flying geese, haven't made it yet though.

I'm sorry about Katy's bones...I really am. Maybe with the warm weather this week Aud will feel better and more like getting out.
Although nice spring like temps would be great, not the 86 that they're forcasting for Thursday, yuck!

Anonymous said...

I love your Gatsby quilt. I was always going to do that one but never got around to it. You know, whenever we go into the quilt shop, there is always something new just waiting for us! I'm still working on that old quilt from 1993 and will be for quite some time. I'm really working slow lately. Special prayers for Katy and Aud coming your way! Nancy in WI

Screen Door said...

First of all, let me say- oh my!! what an undertaking with the Night before Christmas... But I'll promise you this... you complete this and I predict that for several generations from now--- relatives will fight over who gets this heirloom..... Keep smiling.

Julia said...

I love the new stitchery quilt! What type of pen do you use for tracing the design?

MJinMichigan said...

I love the Night Before Christmas stitchery quilt and just bought the pattern for it. It will be my first embroidered quilt and hopefully won't turn into a UFO. What fabric are you using for the embroidered blocks? I really like the looks of it in your pictures.

Susan Ramey Cleveland said...

Maybe warm weather will arrive soon and everyone will feel better. Prayers going up for you, Aud, Katy, and the expecting parents.

Red Geranium Cottage said...

I love that stitchery Perry. Waht kind of a background is that? It looks interesting. And I iron a fusible interfacing to the back of my stitcheries. I use batting sometimes too. But never used wonder under. Probably because I'd do exactly what you did. lolol
Take Aud out for an outing. It will do you both good. Plus we need another outing story.

Libby said...

What a great stitchery you are starting on. I don't feel so much like the Lone Ranger working on a Christmas quilt in March *s*

Vicky said...

Is it easy to needle through the Wonder Under and muslin? I'm getting closer to doing a project like this. Have Katy and Aud in my prayers. I'll add "brain matter for Perry" to my prayer list!

Nan said...

Helly Perry! I will keep Katy and Aud in my prayers. I love your story about your "lost" brain matter! It's good to know that I'm not the only one who does things like that. Maybe our brain matters are out partying somewhere together - you think? LOL!
I love the pattern you bought and your Gatsby blocks are beautiful! Very nice work!

Cheryl said...

Really like that new pattern of yours...what a beauty that will be. I also iron a light interfacing to the back of stitcheries. Hope you girls get out and about soon!

Nicole said...

I adore that Morris Garden fabric you are using in your Gatsby quilt. I have a stash of it hidden away somewhere and I should get it out and do something with it. It is too pretty to be in the closet!

Jean said...

Hope all is well with you and Aud!
We miss you when we don't hear from you!
Anything we can do?
Hang in there. As hard as life can get sometimes... try to dwell on the good things. Memories are wonderful things!