Friday, July 3, 2009

Musings of a Muddled Mind

Several things have been decided this week. Number one, we are all getting older and the older we get, the stranger we get I think. Also, I am firmly convinced we are related to apes or monkeys.

Case in point. Mothers are mothers, evidently it doesn't matter whether they are animal or human. I am sitting outside last weekend at my daughter's house with one foot propped across my leg and Aud is sitting beside me. You have a callus on your foot......said in a voice that can be heard by everyone....yes, I do. So? Can't you just see a monkey going over her child with "a fine tooth comb"?

And, the week before that while I am eating need to arch your eyebrows....I can't see the damn things, mother....well, do you want me to arch them for you? thank you. Why are you bringing this up?...well, they look unkept....they are so light you can't even see them...well I can and you need to arch them.

I was telling a friend about this and she had a good story to add to the mix. Her elderly aunt announced in a loud voice (at the wedding of my friend's son), you stopped up my toilet and it overflowed. Everyone there stopped all conversations and just stared. My friend has no idea when she was talking about, but somewhere in the past she had the idea it had happened. It makes you very wary of being around senior citizens when you both are around other people.

Mothers always seem to tell stories in front of you to other people that will embarass you also. I just shudder at some of the ones Aud has told about me, and I am sure you have some you shudder about also.

The other thing I have decided is the men in Oklahoma between approximately 25 and 40 have to be the rudest drivers in the universe. They all think they are macho men and act like idiots when you say anything to them that doesn't sound like pleading. Case in point...will you move your car so I can get out?.....well, you don't have to show attitude, you could ask this point I have been waited on Mr. Redneck to move his care for about 5 minutes.....and I am not the most patient of people at certain times.....needless to say I did yell at him, and what I yelled was not very nice....something to the effect of you cretin....#^$#^^# I'll show you some attitude....he moved his car. Mother is still laughing about that one, and I am still half way mad about it. Of course at this time of the month I always seem to be on don't even think that when you hit menopause you get over that pms stuff...don't think it happens.

Also, there must be a handbook for all Okie males that must have a truck and you must follow the car in front of you no further away than 2 feet, and harass every female that is driving in front of you regardless. Oh, and be sure you play your radio at an ear splitting level.

I can't remember the last time I have driven anywhere in any city that I didn't get to hear the choice of music from some idiot driving with his music turned sky high. No wonder the younger generation can't hear anything.

Back to the senior citizens. I really don't understand why some older people are so kind and gentle and a joy to be around (like my mother most of the time) and others are just so unhappy and mad all of the time that they can't enjoy themselves. I personally am about half and half of each I think, and I can talk about them because I will be 70 in August. Trying to get some of them to do something different is like pulling teeth. Ask me how I know, lol.

And, speaking of music, have you ever noticed that the music in most restaurants is so loud you can't carry on a conversation without yelling? And most of the speakers are out of tune, so you can't really hear anything but a lot of noise. I am to the point where I am going to just turn around and leave. It is just insane. The reason the music is played so loudly is because(and this has been proven) you eat faster when the music is loud and the crowd turns over faster, which increases the amount of money you take in within a given time, like lunchtime.

I guess I have ranted and raved enough for now. If this headache I have had for 3 weeks would just go away, maybe some of this drivel wouldn't bother me so much. Yeah, right! lol

I hope everyone has a wonderful Fourth of July. Our flags are flying in the neighborhood and thank goodness we have the freedom to rant and rave and fly flags and say about anything we want to (not as much these days as when I was young) without fear of being thrown in jail or worse. We live in a wonderful country and I hope and pray it will continue to be that way. Hopefully, the crisis going on is just a bump in the road on the way to grandma's house. Hugs to all!!!


ranette said...

Hi Perry...enjoyed your muddled musings and I just have to add one thing. Most of the male drivers where you are driving are Sooner fans. I'm not talking about the kind of Sooner fan that graduated from OU (or any other college for that matter), but the other kind...can't stand em!! LOL

Julia said...

Happy 4th Perry!!!

quiltmom said...

Hi Peri,
I am still out here- glad to see you back writing - missed seeing your stories about you and Aud..
It is a series of interesting questions that you pose .. My father in law always said getting older was not for wusses..
I think you and Aud are amazing- I have known some cantankerous young people -though it can be masked in the form of ego and aggression. Living with a 21 year definitely has its moments of serious irritation no matter how much we love him.
Summer vacation has arrived and I am beginning to get into the summertime groove. I have quilted my first summer quilt and need to trim it this afternoon so that I can bind it this evening so it can go away with my sister in law this weekend.
Happy 4th of July to you and yours. I hope you have a wonderful day together.

Karen said...

I certainly enjoyed reading your post! Lots of humor.
My gripe about restaurants is that most are kept too cold. I think they want you to start shivering so you will leave and not dawdle over conversation. More profit and more tips. I think they keep it cold for their workers. Certainly not for their customer's comfort.

Vicky said...

You made me laugh out loud bright and early this morning! And here I thought the rudest male drivers in the world are here in SoCal! Happy 4th to you and Aud!

Candace said...

Enjoyed the musings and can certainly relate. I hope that your headache is going or gone, that has to be miserable.