Monday, November 8, 2010

I Think I am Just Going to Give Up

Evidently, the powers that be have decided I am not supposed to have tulips in my yard.

 I have a friend that helps me works the yard coming on Wednesday to set out tulips and pansies, pull weeds and mulch the flower beds and basically get the yard buttoned down for the winter.

I am feeling a little better and today was trying to get the house "cleaned" up so the cleaning lady can come tomorrow, and I can't find the sack with the bulbs in them!  60, yes 60!, tulip bulbs, have been patiently waiting for me to plant them for 6 weeks!  I had put them in a corner of the front hall besides a weight scale that sits there that nobody uses.  I have no idea how long they haven't been there, but they are there no longer, and nobody else has been in the house!

I could just cry!  She has broken two things I made that I cannot replace and ruined the front hall floor in a couple of places by putting rags with chemicals on them on the tiles.  I have told her several times not to put things on the tile, but that goes through one ear and out the other, and of course, for some reason cleaning ladies do not understand you don't put cleaning supplies on chairs either, especially light colored ones.  I live in absolute fear of a catastrophe every time she walks in the door.  And she has been working for us for almost 3 years, but I think this may be the last straw, unless she chooses to replace the tulips.

We have tried Merry Maids, and that is just throwing money away.  I guess we got spoiled when we lived in Texas.  We had the most wonderful person who cleaned for us.  Any wonderful person living out there that wants to do some cleaning for a couple of cranky old ladies, actually one is just old, the "other one" is cranky and old!  :)

If you hear the earth shaking, it is only me having a "hissy fit", as my Texas friend would remind me that that is what we Texans have.


Vicky said...

Hissy fits are okay. Just don't have a conniption fit! :)

ranette said...

I had to fire my cleaning lady a couple of years ago too....she broke things and didn't tell me and she actually spent 1 hour cleaning a trash can (from a teenager's bedroom, if you can imagine)...I could have purchase two trash cans for the hour I had to pay her.

The icing on the cake was when her daughter (11 yrs old) had to come into my house to use the bathroom, that was clean and the daughter, who was very odd, clogged up the toilet and got poop everywhere and I had to clean it up! Talk about hissy

I now clean my own house, even though I hate doing it!

Judy Laquidara said...

Oh, goodness! Did you find your tulips? I hope so.

Anonymous said...

Perry, you've been in Oklahoma too long. Girlfriend, in Texas, remember we don't HAVE hissy fits, we THROW hissy fits. Never underestimate the power of a hissy fit.

Candace said...

Hope your tulips have been found. I've never had a cleaning lady, but I can imagine that it's hard to find a good one who you can trust.