Saturday, November 6, 2010

Nights at the Old Ladies' House

I am not even sure how we arrived at this state.  It is now almost 5 o'clock Saturday morning, and both Aud and myself have laughed ourselves into hysterics, which, if you are as old as we are, leads to "problems", lol.

I started getting ill last Saturday and by Tuesday I gave up and, after voting, went to the good old doctor.  Diagnosed with bronchitis and all the attending symptoms I was sent home with prescriptions and an ever "enlarging cough".

I have spent the whole week coughing my head off, taking pills, sleeping, catching up on all of the taped segments of American Chopper, Chopped, Pawn Stars, and American Pickers, and whatever else I could find to do that required no effort because I have truly been sick.

We did find a cute movie on Thursday night called How to Tame a Dragon. It was light fare and very enjoyable. We also watched Sex and The  City 2 which had some eye popping scenes in it.  I never watched Sex and the City when it was a regular on TV, but Aud had, and she says that was always the way things happened.

So, at 10 pm tonight, Aud and I had nothing left to watch on television.   After our baths, we started trying to catch up on some movies that looked like they might be decent.  We watched A Good Woman from 2004 with Scarlett Johansson and Helen Hunt that was a great little movie based on a book written by Oscar Wilde.

Ok, looked at the preview of Knocked Up (Unedited)-2007, and since  Katherine Heigl was in it, it appeared to be funny, and we both like funny movies.  Five minutes into this movie, yes it is funny, but f words and other instances that seem to have become a staple of today's movies, have us both wondering if we are watching a porn station by mistake.  It is a little difficult to watch some of the things that go on in movies with your 94 year old mother sitting beside you and she is laughing her head off and you are coughing so much you are choking, but the plot was kind of funny, and Katherine is a good actress, so we watched it through.  Wow, I now know what unedited movies look and sound like.

Oh, it is only 2 am and neither one of us is sleepy, let's see what else we can find, here's one...with Hugh Grant, we both just love him, called Love Actually - 2003.   Hugh Grant, with him in it it is bound to be suitable for little old ladies, right?  Hah!   It didn't actually take five minutes before we were watching lots of sex going on in different scenarios, and laughing our fool head offs because we were watching this  movie and actually enjoying it, it was funny, and just kind of squirming our way through the sex parts.  I am still amazed at what is actually being shown in movies anymore.

Evidently little old ladies aren't supposed to watch movies unless they are the old black and white ones that were very classy and we have seen a million times, or the animated ones for children.

When we finished watching the Hugh Grant movie and decided enough was enough, we should go to bed, Aud's ending remark was:

"You can't go out of town, you have to stick around to pick out movies for us tomorrow night!"


Chris@Cats On My Quilts said...

Loved the post. I too have been coughing so much this week that I am pretty sure I have broken a rib. It hurts! And I too get the same "problem" when coughing. I bet some 30 something reading this post is saying, "Problem, what problem?"

Colleen said...

Oh I hope you feel better! And you are definitely right... movies are pretty graphic now... watching with your kids is just as embarassing!

quiltmom said...

Life in your house is never dull- Aud made me burst out laughing when I think of her watching Sex in the City-
There are not many filters out there- I am sure I would be blushing watching some of this stuff with my 74 year old mother.
Thanks for the laugh.
Hope you are feeling better soon.