Sunday, April 6, 2008

Wednesday Sew-in at Quiltworks

I haven't posted in several days. My eyes have been bothering me a lot and I have had them closed most of the time since Wednesday night when I started seeing ufos out of the right one. Today they are better, but tomorrow I am going to the eye doc if I can get in. Something is wrong, and I am hoping it is just acting up. He told me last year they were starting.

Oh, well, more of "the aging process", I guess.

Update: Went to eye doc. The cataract in my right eye is getting worse, my vision has changed, (lol, so what else is new) and my retina is trying to detach which is another thing that happens to you when you get older. The detached retina I just have to keep an eye on and hope it clears up or steadies. The cataract will probably have to be removed, and I go in for an update on Thursday afternoon, can't miss my Wednesday sew-in, and we will see dialate both eyes and see what needs to be done. Thanks to those of you that have posted here with your concerns.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, I have to show you my purchase for the week. Wonderful, wonderful batiks!!! I am going to use the one in the back for a is just wonderful and will look super for what I have in mind. And look at that blue, I got some yardage of it, it is just yummy, and the green and gold isn't too shabby either, for that matter.

Every Wednesday from 9:30 to 4:30 there is a sew-in at Quiltworks in OKC. Most of the women that attend this have been coming to it for several years. I just started in February, but I know most of them and it is a lot of fun.

We laugh because the girls that work there always have something new to show us. If we like it they usually kit it and we buy all the kits before they get to the front of the store. Not really, but there is always something new and "have to have". An example is this one. It is going to be kitted and this will be the sample as soon as it gets bound. Isn't it gorgeous? Of course I don't remember what the fabric is, something like Sea and Sand maybe?

You can always call if you see anything you like. The walls you see here are in the classroom, but I believe you can get kits for about any of it if you like. Plus I have shown you some samples before.

The lady in blue (Verlinda) in the back and the lady in red (Charlcie) on the right work there. They are usually around to help us if we need it. And if they have time they work on samples while we are there. That is May oohing and ahhhing (in the yellow).

Isn't this cute?
This is the Barbara, the owner. She comes back and talks to us once in a while, and checks to see if we are doing ok. If there is something we want her to order in she is real good about accomodating us. See this scrumptious cake? One of the girls made it. It was wonderful, and had 3 different kinds of chocolate in it. Sorry, I don't remember now how she told us she made it. I will try to remember to get the recipe from her. Probably the best chocolate cake I have had in a while.
Some more of the quilts on the wall. See the Heart Crazies? The one on the right is a T Shirt quilt. This classroom is really wonderful. It will hold 18 people if they move out the big cutting tables in the middle. For the Wednesday group, there is usually a limit of 12, and most of the time all of the available places are taken.
I have managed to be pretty productive on the days I go. I have myKaffe Fassett blocks all ready to put together for my quilt. I will mark all of the blocks in each row to sew them together and do that at home. I don't have enough room up there to spread it all out.

And that is all for now. I hope the coming week is wonderful for everyone!


Ginger Patches said...

Oh I hope your eye's are o.k.! I had weird spots I was seeing in one eye once for about a week a few years ago--it went away and never came back so I'm praying the same for you! Looks like a fun shop..I like that heart quilt on the wall, I either have the pattern or one very similar and now I want to go dig it out lol!

Carol said...

Perry I sure hope your eye's are better this week...that is just no fun at know this age thing isn't what it's all cracked up to be. Love the shop...sure looks great.

Libby said...

Oh my - I do hope you get some help at the eye doc.

Kim said...

Let me know what happens with your eyes. Sounds difficult. I wear glasses for sewing and reading, now driving. Anything to help keep my peepers healthy. Your LQS looks like a vary happy and cozy home shop. You are a lucky girl!

Susan Ramey Cleveland said...

Lord Have Mercy!!! A detached retina! That sounds awful, Perry.. But a friend of mine had one a few months ago and they fixed hers with a laser, I think. She said there was nothing to it. Hope yours turns out to be the same way. Your sewing day looks like lots of fun.

cathy said...

I hope your eye gets better real soon! I like your quilt of the month, Bull's Eye. Can you tell us more about it?

Mar said...

OK Perry, I'm seeing a little humour here with your eye problems, you're going to "keep an eye on your detached retina"? hmmm and it doesn't seem like you had a problem seeing a good thing over at Sharon's last nite *wink*wink*
Take care girl. I envy your sew days at this shop, it looks so inspiring!

quiltmom said...

Hi Perry,
I hope your eyes are feeling better soon. A friend just had cataract surgery and she is absolutely thrilled with the results- it was a bit of a process but well worth it.
I love the shop tour and it looks like it is lots of fun. I loved your batik fabrics- they are my favorite ones to collect- I am beginning to use mine.
I loved seeing the buggy barn pattern- I really do want to make that quilt- Thanks for the earlier photo tutorial- it is a great help.
Be well and take care of your self,

Lisa D. said...

I wish I had a fun place like this to go and sew with others. I just love the inspiration!

Red Geranium Cottage said...

I hope your eyes are better Perry. I love Quiltworks. I've been there the last two years while traveling thru to the Midwest. Great quilt shop.

Nicole said...

Oh my gosh Perry, I sure hope your vision problem can be corrected pronto. Everyone I know who has had cataract surgery has been amazed at the results. The detached retina does sound serious though.
Your Wednesday sew in sounds just like my twice a month Wednesday Banish the UFOs group. Since I moved, I only get to attend occasionally, and really miss the companionship.