Monday, October 25, 2010

Aud Tales

Dinner conversation:

I just hurt all over, and my back is really bothering me and and I need a brace
Ok, I will take you to the doctor.  You really need to see a bone specialist
No, no bone doctors.  It will be better by the time we see Dr. Berner in 3 weeks.
By then you will have forgotten what is wrong with you now.

Well, my body is shrinking...
What do you mean, your body is shrinking?
Well, my bones are falling down, and so my body is falling down and my skin is sagging.  It needs something to hold it up

laugh....did it occur to you that maybe if you quit eating ice cream you might not have sagging?
No, I just need something to hold up the skin until it shrinks like my bones are doing.

laughing harder now.....ok, Aud,  how about if I get the exercise stretchy thing and we tie it around your ribcage to hold up the extra skin?  Then you would have a bumper pad to keep you from breaking bones when you are wobbling down the hall from side to side

both of us are now laughing hysterically.......yeah, let's try that, maybe it will knock some of it off....

are you ready for ice cream now?     :)

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