Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Eating Out in OKC

This is what is known as a rant.  DO NOT take this personally if you live in or around Oklahoma City, this is my personal opinion and I stand behind it.

The cooks in the "chain restaurants" up here evidently all went to the school of "just  cook it and they will come, and it doesn't matter whether it tastes good or not".  The local restaurant cooks evidently went to the same school.

When I moved to OK my daughters told me not to find fault with anything up here and I have tried very hard to not find fault with anything up here. However, I have lived here for 9 years now and I feel like I can complain if I want to.

I love the people, they are, for the most part, very nice.  I actually love the weather. Having come from the Houston, TX area, you can appreciate the change of seasons, and all of the outdoor activities available, and the professional sports teams we have, and the good old Sooners and Cowboys!  Great college football,  and all of the amenities available for those who row and swim, etc.  Also, OKC has such far-seeing people at the helm of things, it is a great place to live, EXCEPT FOR the restaurants.

I can't speak for the very expensive restaurants because I can't afford to eat there. Take that back, I did eat at The Ranch, and if I could eat there every night I would think I had died and gone to heaven.  But, alas, my ship sunk way before it reached the shore, so I am doomed to the "food" found in the local chain restaurants and those that attempt to make it in the restaurant business.

I have eaten mainly in the NW part of OKC, and there is nothing within a 30 mile radius that qualifies as a decent place to eat.

Today was a prime example.  A friend and myself went to a tearoom in Bethany.  I have eaten there twice before.  The first time, about 2 years ago, the food was very good.  3 months ago, it was edible. Today it was plain out BAD!!   You know when you walk in a restaurant at noon on a weekday and only 4 tables have people seated, and the last time you were there the place was full, that you should leave immediately.

I have been known to send food back and have talked to lots of owners, managers, etc of eating establishments, and expressed my displeasure.  For some reason it always embarrasses my family. As I tell them, if I am paying good money for this food, it should be edible.

Anyway, I have become more disciplined as far as sending food back, so I am trying.  Today, though, we both ordered a sampler plate with tuna salad, chicken salad on croissant, green salad, and a quiche of the day.  Normally I don't eat tuna out because I can't stand the smell of what is called tuna anymore. It smells dead!

I took one bite of this tuna salad, caught a waitress going past, and had her remove all traces of it from my plate.  Then I tried to eat the rest.  The croissant was old, crumbly and cold.  The quiche was awful, as bad as the one I made last week, lol, actually I think it was worse.  There was no green salad because it had been put under the inedible tuna. The chicken salad was ok, nothing special, and the little "dessert" that had been frozen had been frozen for so long there was a ring of ice around it, lol.  The raspberry tea was good. The muffin served with apricot (I think) butter would have been good, but I think it was old also. And cold.

The waitress showed up eventually and I asked her about the green salad, and she said it had been on the plate, and she did not know I had sent it back.  Ok, she brings me a salad, I put the dressing on it, which was good,  and take a bit of it.  Wrong thing to do.

Waitress stops back by, fills up my tea, and asks if all is ok.  No, just take it away.  Not fit to eat.  And left it at that.  Did not ask to speak to anyone about the food! SO, the owner shows up and asks the problem is.

And I, having lots of tact, tell her the food is awful, you need a new cook.   She smiles and says , my husband is the cook, to which I reply, then he needs a refresher course.

Let me go taste the food....and she leaves.....

A few mintutes pass, the waitress comes by, picks up our tickets, and says you will not be paying for your food, hope you try us again sometimes.  Thank you for coming.

The owner NEVER came back.  We sat there for a while and chatted, catching up on our lives, and then we left.  I did not see anyone else come in while we were there and we left at 1:30.

If this post upsets you, that is just too bad, my opinion only, and I am entitled to that, I think.  Anymore, maybe not.


kathi pinkston said...

My dear Perry,

I have never known you to rant.

You just make me send the food back!

With love,

Anonymous said...

Come on home to Texas, where the food is wonderful, the Rangers are playing in the World Series and we don't have rants...we have "hissie fits". We miss you.

ranette said...

Exactly why I cook almost every meal my family eats. Stillwater is way, way worse than OKC....we don't have any choice of restaurants, unless you want to eat at a Three Amigos establishment and last time I did, I got food poisoning!!!

Robin said...

I glad for your rant. It needed to be said. Hopefully someone who can make a difference will read what you said. I live in N. Utah and have a difficult time finding anything but chain restaurants in the area I live. I watch Diner's Drive-ins and Dives each week on TV and wonder why there aren't any of those places near my home. I'd love to find a place that I want to go to more than once.

kathi pinkston said...

Please differentiate that OKC's Ranch is waaay different than OKC's Kona Ranch.

You would go crazy at Kona Ranch. The server would have retired before you got through the appetizer.

After telling you what a bad experience we had ordering a filet a few weeks back at Kona Ranch, we thought it couldn't happen again. We were craving their bread with coconut butter. We won't make the mistake a third time. I'll make my own coconut butter and buy some good bread.

On second thought, never mind spelling out the difference. No one would confuse the two.

AnnieO said...

My sister says the same thing about OKC! She refuses to eat in that state, she says. Too funny. Sounds like that restaurant is having money troubles if they are serving old and cold food. It will probably be closed soon.