Friday, December 28, 2007

Aud and Annie and new Snowglobes

It's amazing how much a computer can become a part of your life. It is insidious, and that happens before you realize it. I feel like I have lost an integral part of myself, and that is just sick! I am having withdrawal pains, so I finally gave up and set up a network I can use with a land line. That is the pits! Supposedly a new modem/router will be here at the latest on Monday and I can go back to my easy wireless. I have a new IPodTouch I want to start loading up and I NEED the DSL speed and wireless ability. Would this be whining? lol

This is a picture of Aud and her Annie. I got each of the granddaughters one of them and she liked them so well when I showed them to her that I decided she needed one too.

Here is a picture of the Neiman Marcus' musical snowglobe celebrating their 100 years of being in business. I can't tell what it plays of course. Aud said I "needed" this one for some reason.

And this is the newest Radko musical snowglobe. It is really pretty and rotates as it plays. Pretty snazzy. Oh, and it plays Santa is Coming to Town.


Red Geranium Cottage said...

Where do you keep all your snow globes?? You have tons of them. They are all so pretty. Did you get your Annie's from Nicole's site? I love her dolls.
OH!!!! Got my cute, cute,cute coasters today and I love that reindeer they are in. Thank you!!!

Perry said...

I have an antique glass front china cabinet they sit in. It is almost full though. Yes, Aud's Annie came from Nicole. Glad you like your coasters.

Lisa D. said...

Aud looks so happy to have received an Annie for Christmas - what a cute picture! I love all your snow globes, too. I'm glad you are back online - it can be so frustrating to not be able to connect and do what you want!

Cheryl said...

More new snowglobes for you - YEAH! Katie was sad I didn't get ours out this year, but I showed her pictures of yours!!! Happy New Year to you!