Sunday, December 9, 2007

Santas and More Musical Snowglobes

Aud and I have finally started decorating for Christmas. It will probably take us 3 days to do what little we intend to do since neither one of us is up to par yet. I think she has something of what I have.

This is the tree topper we use now. I painted this in the 1980s. The piece is tin and painted with acrylics.

This little burlap tree has clothespin ornaments on it that I hand painted in the '80s. My husband cut the clothespins out of wood and originally I intended to string them on a garland, but he cut the holes wrong, lol. Anyway I decided to use them in a tree. Originally I had 14 but one of them was lost in moving. That is Petunia the dog lurking under the table. She is housebroken and requires very little maintenance and never barks.

My larger santas are sitting on the hearth right now. Have not exactly decided where I am going to put them, but I had to get them out, lol. I tried to paint one a year when I was painting.

Closeup of my small santas. I made the majority of them. The cone shaped one is made from watercolor paper. The three in the front are done on driftewood. The hohoho is wood, as are the rest of the small ones. The larger one on the right I painted on a rock.

And here is today's musical snowglobe. For some reason the liquid inside has turned murky over the years. I think the dancing reindeer have stirred up too much dust and that is why. The song in this one is "Dashing through the Snow".

I haven't gotten around to making quilty things for Christmas to set things on so I will have to do that this coming year hopefully. I'll try to post some more tomorrow.


Lisa D. said...

Perry - I love your holiday banner and your decorations are looking beautiful. I absolutely ADORE the quilt that you have under your snowglobe, what is it? What pattern, what fabrics? I just love it - SWOON!

Mar said...

Beautiful Perry, looks like you are all decked out!

Perry said...

Lisa, this is from the Fat Quarter Quilts by M'll Rae Hawley called Roman Stripes. After I made the blocks, I turned them differently and this is what I got. The fabric is an earlier Robyn Pandolph line that came out 1999 I think. Somewhere I have some green of it left if I can find it.

Nan said...

You are definitely a lady of many talents, Perry! Your Santas are so cute, and I love your snowglobe collection - how fun! I think it would be fun to hear them all going at once!
The quilt is gorgeous, too! I would love to see more of it.