Thursday, December 13, 2007

Christmas Decorations

First of all, I want to thank everyone for checking on Aud and I this week. We were only out of power on that first day, and since then have faired fairly well. I am so thankful we have not had the problems so many people in Oklahoma and Kansas and Missouri have had. There are still a lot of poeple in OKC without power, and some without water. Both of us have ended up sick however. My cold has turned into bronchitis so I have been coughing like an idiot all week, and Aud is sneezing. Today we ventured out and did some errands, because, tomorrow is supposed to bring snow. I can hardly wait! lol

We finally got the rest of the Christmas Decorating done. It is pretty sparse but both of us were just too tired to do anymore on it.
These are the snowmen I have picked up along the way. The Santa plate is wood. I painted it in the 80's.
Naivity set I made from "scratch". I poured the greenware, cleaned it, fired it, painted it, and decorated it with gold. The Santa was also a piece I made, as are the two vases.

Dining Room centerpiece and candles

Living room decorated.

The Christmas tree is surrounded with all of the stuffed animals Aud has had forever and some of my painted santas.
Tomorrow I will try to post some more of my snowglobes.
AND, I have made one whole block on my quilt challenge!!! Yea for me!


Sheri said...

Lovely decoration. I love the tree with the stuffed animals and Santas.
Hope your feeling better.

kcamou said...

The decorations are just lovely and the nativity is amazing! Good job on the one block...slow and steady wins the race. LOL! I hope you feel better soon!

Red Geranium Cottage said...

Perry, I hope your feeling good as new real soon. Keep warm.

Lisa D. said...

What a good feeling to have the decorating done. I hope you are feeling better, Perry. I love your decorations, especially the tree and those adorable painted Santas!

Su Bee said...

What a warm comfy home, beautifully decorated! I sympathise with being sick right now - feel better quick! We have maybe 5 more days then we have to hit the ground running.

Cheryl said...

Sorry you are under the weather..hope you guys are better soon. Your decorating looks wonderful! Will wish for better weather your way.

Lesley said...

I love your Vintage Holiday quilt. It is beautiful.