Monday, December 3, 2007

Hannah Montana Mania

Do these sweet young girls look like concert goers to you? Well, they are now. They were part of the 15000 strong at the Cox Center last night to see the hottest ticket in town, Hannah Montana.

This was the content of the email I received from their mother this morning, lol.

We have reached the apex of our Hannah Montana mania in our household and it was perfect timing that the Jonas Brothers/Hannah Montana concert was tonight. So the girls and I went with some friends and I submit the following:

Tickets including facility fees, handling charges, etc: $ Expensive
Disposable Camera: $6
Parking: $10
Cotton Candy: $5
Glow sticks: $20
Sodas and Popcorn: $16
Bathroom Break: free
More Cotton Candy: $10
Two Bottles of Water: $6
Another Bathroom Break: still free
Souvenir Program: $ lots
Concert T-Shirts: $ even more

Getting to take your girls to their first concert, Finding your oldest daughter among 15,000 people after she became lost from the group, AND Recovering a lost jacket from security............. ...............................PRICE-LESS!!

She is braver than I am.


Nan said...

She's braver than I am, too! I don't understand the Hannah Montana thing, but then, not having a little girl in the house, I am not exposed to all that mania. May I say, thank goodness?

Lisa D. said...

What beautiful little girls! I'm sure their experience is one they will never forget!

Nicole said...

That is enough to turn MY hair grey! And curly!

Kimberly Jolly said...

They are so cute!!!

Cindy said...

Look how cute they are. She Perry you should have been ther to take your granddaughters to their first concert. That experience would have been PRICE-LESS. LOL.

Red Geranium Cottage said...

What cute little girls. I bet they were sooo excited at the concert!!!!

kcamou said...

Amazing! I can't imagine an evening like that. She deserves a medal!