Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Aud Tales

Haven't posted too much about Miss Aud lately.  She has had some rough patches the last few months, and I have had some too, and we just haven't done a lot of "fun" things.

However, wherever she is, there is always something going on. lol.

The last part of May I was somewhere and someone asked me if I had a blue rinse in my hair, you know, like the old ladies wear.  I had to laugh because they were talking about the purple streaks in my hair. I have had purple streaks in my hair for several years, but since my thyroid is finally straightened out, my hair doesn't seem to keep the purple in.

When Aud and I were at Shelva's (hairdresser to Perry and Aud) in June, she put purple in my hair and I was letting it set while she did Aud's and Aud says,
I want pink in my hair today.
Mother, please don't
Yes, I want some pink in my hair.
If I had known that I wouldn't have put purple in mine. Please don't.

Well, of course she did, which did not set well with me.  Why?
How would you like to go somewhere with your almost 95 year old mother and people ask you if you were sisters?
lol, happens every time we both have colored streaks in our hair.

So, I decided this month, I would put no purple in my hair.  It was all gone from June by the time we went to Shelva's last week anyway.

No purple for me today.
You don't need it, Perry, says hairdresser to Perry and Aud, your hair looks like it has a purple tint to it anyway and it is a different color than it was last month.
Great!  I look like a little old lady with a blue wash, is that what you are saying?
Hah, Hah, says the hairdresser to Perry and Aud. No, but I think secretly she is telling me a white lie.

Put pink in mine today says Aud.
Here are pics of Aud with her pink hair.

Typical of the conversations we seem to be having these days:

Why did you buy Neosporin for me, I have plenty.
Because you put it on the grocery list.
No I did not, I put campho phonique (sp, too lazy to go look) on there.
No you didn't.
Where is the grocery list?
Well, I threw it away, (bad words!)
Well, it said camphor phonique.
No, it didn't
Yes it did.
I will NEVER through another grocery list away again.
So, put it on the grocery list.....this was 2 days ago
Guess who finally put it on the grocery list today?  Me of course.

I need to go close the garage doors, it is dark. (me)
You have already locked up the garage. (Aud)
No, I haven't.  I have been asleep.  (trouble with vicious migraines lately)
Well, I didn't lock the door.
Must have been the resident ghost again, huh?  Gee, we haven't seen him for awhile.

I think the trouble comes from her being the youngest of 5 children and since I am an only child I must be older than she is, right?  Makes perfect sense to me. 

Visit to Doc's office on Friday.  
Doc says..your blood pressure is a little higher than usual.  You need to get rid of all stress.
Aud says...well, i just hate to shoot her….


Look up severe headaches in Google.....stress is one of the main causes .......Hah!

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quiltmom said...

Aud is such a character- Your stories of life with her make me laugh- it is good that you can see the funny things in life -
Thanks for sharing your life with Aud.
Warmest regards,