Tuesday, July 12, 2011

I Just Love Gadgets!

Ever so often (seems like every other day, lol) I find a notion or a "gadget" that I just "have to have".  A friend of mine has one of these
The Little Red Craft Iron

So, why do you have this iron? asked the Little Red Hen
Why the better to iron my appliqué when I am prepping it, She replied.
And where can I buy this?  asked the Little Red Hen
Why, here, of course.

Well, this is the site of Bunny Hill Designs, says the Little Red Hen
Yes, says my friend.
Well, what else can I find at this site that I will just love?

Why, this of course.

Oh, will this teach me how to do the wonderful kind of applique that I see on Bunny Hill Designs?
Why, yes it will!  If any thing can help you learn to do beautiful needler turn applique, it will be this CD.

I think she may be right, too.  I bought the CD, I have watched it, fallen in love with the method, and as soon as I can get all the "stuff" caught up a bit, I intend to try to do some of it.  It is just beautiful and looks so simple!  There will be more later on this I hope.

Then, I was looking at Fat Quarter Shop and found something that is the perfect answer for me to the problem I have about taking "just a few pins" somewhere.  They always fall out of the little plastic containers and I have tried several homemade objects to stick them in, and nothing compares to this.
Is this neat looking or what?

And when you open it up, there is a magnetic lining for pins and needles!  The best part about this is that the magnetic part is confined to the inside. When the lid is closed it does not magnetize on the outside.

You can find them in two "colors" here and here.  I think it is one of those "must haves".

Hope this week is going well for all of you!

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deb said...

oh I have to have the little red iron!!!!!!!! thanks!!!!!