Saturday, July 2, 2011

Catching Up

If it gets any hotter up here I think I am going to hibernate until Winter and then I can grip about the cold.  It has been over a hundred every day for the last couple of weeks I think.  Feels like it anyway.

Was down in the bowels of Texas last weekend and it was hot down there too.  I was on I35 on a Sunday and, OMG!  Traffic was unreal, both lanes each way going 80 and motorcycles weaving in and out and cars cutting in front of anyone they could.  I think they were all sun crazed or thought they must be in LA or something.

I stopped somewhere, not sure where it was, just to get out of the fray for a while, and get some gas etc. in case there was a wreck and I was stuck for hours. I got back in the rat race and sure enough the traffic slowed to a crawl and this car besides me was honking and pointing to the back of my car and I looked out the rear view mirror, and lo and behold, I had left the gas cap off and the panel open.  Yuk!  So I pulled off the road, got out in the 100 degree heat with all these people staring at me, put on the gas cap, got back in the car, and a truck let me get back in, thank you very much trucker, if you read my blog.

I was so tired by the time I got to my cousin's she asked me if I wanted a margarita and I said yes!  So I had two of them, and promptly took a nap for about an hour, lol.  Had the most delicious meal and then I slept through a couple of tv shows and went to bed.

Monday, I got back on I35 and headed to OKC.  Put the car on cruise at 80 and said, I'm going home, don't care if I get a ticket, thank goodness I didn't, and got home in record time.  And it is nothing but hot up here!

Aud is doing pretty good.  She has her good days and bad days.  She did had a wonderful time while I was away.

A friend of mine stayed with her some and my grandson got her to go out to eat a couple of nights, and he took her to see his mother one day for a few hours.  She was worn out when I got home, but full of stories about the cake she and Jackson (grandson)made (it was not good, lol) and the pecan pie she took to Summer's (her granddaughter) house and the fact that my ex husband ate all but 2 pieces of it . Since Aud told them she had to bring a piece back for me, that left 1 piece for four people, lol.  Love it!

I went to the library a couple of days ago to pick up some new books and got her the new Nora Roberts , Amanda Quick, and Susan Elizabeth Phillips.  So she reads the Roberts, I read the Phillips, and then yesterday she starts reading the Phillips.  I go back to her room last night to check on her and see how she is enjoying the book, and she is reading Black Heels and Tractor Wheels by Pioneer Woman.

How did you like the Phillips book, Aud?   (assume she has read it since that was what was reading when last I saw her reading)
I haven't finished it.
What do you mean you haven't finished it.  If that is so, why are you reading the Pioneer Woman book?
I told you I haven't finished it.
Aud, this is not the Phillips book!
This is the one I am reading.
Ok, I get the Phillips book and show her where she has turned it over on a table, and,
Oh, I was reading that, wasn't I?
No wonder this wasn't making much sense but I think I have read it, talking about the Pioneer Woman
Yes, you read that a month or so ago.
Well I thought I remembered some of it.
So we laugh and I don't think anymore about it.
Today, guess what she is reading?
The rest of the Pioneer Woman book that she has already read.  :)

At least the TV is off for a while.

Me, I have been working on the Grace quilt kit I got from Fat Quarter Shop.  It must be sold out, couldn't find it on FQS site, but the pattern is  Lucky Stars by Atkinson Designs.  It is really going to be a beautiful quilt.  Hopefully it won't take me a year to get it done, lol.

I guess that catches me up for now. I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday and remembers why we are celebrating!


Vicky said...

LOL. Tell Aud I've done the same thing, and wondered why it was so familiar all the way through!

Your trip home sounds awful. Just be happy you don't have to do that twice a day!

Have a Happy 4th of July! xo

AnnieO said...

Sounds like quite a travel adventure--don't think you needed the margaritas to fall asleep, lol!

Glad Ms. Aud had a good time while you were away. I re-read books all the time on purpose :)

Carol said...

Never a dull moment with Perry and Aud...LOL! Glad she did well while you were gone...oh I've read the same book more than once, keep scratching me head thinking it all sounds familiar...hmmm!

Chris H said...

Wow I love being warm ... but it sounds really too hot where you are.
Can't wait to see your new quilt... progress photos?

Hitchhiker42 said...

Ah yes, coming from California I can appreciate having cool margaritas on a hundred-degree day. Haha, your cousin must be a doctor, "take two margaritas and call me in the morning."

Candace said...

It's hot here in Florida, but I think that right now you have us beat. Glad Aud did well while you were gone.