Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Challenge #6, Tag and Other Stuff

I promise I will never NOT eat black eyed peas on New Year's Day! I thought I would try it to see if there is anything to the "luck" you get from eating them. HAH! BIG Mistake!!! I think the answer is yes!

Ok, on to other things. Nicole wanted pictures of sewing tables. Here it is. I know there are at least 15 things on here, because I think I have that many rulers on the end, lol.

I keep my projects in plastic containers. Open ones for current stuff that I intend to finish when I start them. (That's a laugh!) The ones with lids are usually the ones that I find myself working on a little at a time, and they go back into my closet periodically. There are some tools, pencils, paper, a fabric bowl full of some scraps that I will give to a friend of mine for applique when I get a few, some batiks I am working with, my poor challenge quilt, marked for row sewing and ready to go, and some more of the stuff I got at the quilt show. Several mats, some acrylic sheets I use to organize my piecing, a jar of peanuts in this nifty little twirling container I have, and my new rotary cutter that I adore. I probably missed something, but that is the general look of it at the moment.

I haven't found "the place" for some of the smaller stuff I picked up at the quilt show. That is why it is still on my work table. However, Lisa , I thought of you when I bought this pattern. This pattern came from Patchwork Place and the sample they made up of it was darling.

This is a book called EveryMonth and it is available here . I bought the pumpkin kit. These are really cute patterns.
This is Stir Crazy from Buggy Barn. I bought this book because of the rabbits and santas patterns. I am sure one of these years I will make them, :>)

I figure I will make the santa one with the scraps from the tree and present quilt I intend to make "soon".

And who couldn't resist these bunnies, lol.

These are some odds and ends of patterns and a couple of kits. The tree and snowman are also from the Jeri Kelly site.
My challenge quilt has had to take a backseat again this past week, but I am determined to have the top finished by the 28th. Hope I make it. All I need is 2 good days of sewing, surely I can find them somewhere before my clock runs out. Check out Nicole , Lisa , and Cindy for their progress. I am pretty sure they are all just about finished. It is me holding up the parade. Sorry, my friends, lack of black eyed peas! lol
And that is all I am up to for now. I had a very interesting day, but it is now 2 am. Tuesday has all the earmarks of another day like today, so I need some sleep. I hope this day is a wonderful one for everyone!


Carol said...

What wonderful stuff on your table...how fun...a purple mat...I should have guessed :-)

Latharia said...

That table is just "my" kind of space -- lots of room to work, lots of stuff within reach! :D

Lisa D. said...

You have some very fun stuff on your table and elsewhere. Love your new patterns, that one with the Raggedy Anne is too cute!

dee said...

Hey did you see the news today about the multiple ufos sighted in Texas? I thought of you immediately...hey...knock knock knock....are you still there *grin*
By the way-you call that a mess? I'll show you a mess as soon as I can reach the bottom of the pile!

Red Geranium Cottage said...

Black eye peas............YUCK!!!! My mom used to make us eat those. Momma doesn't live here anymore. LOL!!!
I made the Santas. I'll have to post a photo of them. We did the bunnies too at my shop. They are adorable. I love that book.
Your table is NOT messy!!

Su Bee said...

LOL - Does this mean you'll have bad luck for the entire year, or just enough to teach you a lesson?
Your work table is fascinating, lots of fun stuff!

Yvonne said...

Your table looks good to me. :) I have that Buggy Barn book too. I love all your goodies....can't wait to see the finished projects.

Nan said...

Your table looks like a little piece of heaven to me! All those wonderful projects just waiting to be made! Love the patterns, especially the Stir Crazy book - I'm going to have to buy that one!
Thank you so much for sharing, Perry.