Thursday, January 10, 2008

Thursday Already!

Oh my goodness. My counter for the challenge quilt is almost down to two weeks! And I will not get anything done on my challenge quilt the rest of this week. Too much going on I fear. I will have to put in "overtime" the next two weeks to get finished.

I am whole again, all is well in my computer and printer world. Now I need to get the IPodTouch I got for Christmas hooked up to my network. lol...That is the next step in the wireless world I am living in.

My oldest daughter is staying the night and she offered to help me with it, but instead, we opted to watch "The Kingdom" with Jame Foxx. That is a terrific movie!!! If you rent it, watch the extra features. They helped me understand it a little better. There is a message in this movie, and it is really frightening, but so true.

Tomorrow there is a quilt show in town. I hate to spend the money to go because I really don't want to buy anything, but I haven't been in 3 years and I haven't been to Houston in 4, so I guess I need to actually "see" if there is anything new instead of buying on the internet. I am being so good for the last couple of months as far as not buying fabric and stuff, I think I will just leave my credit card at home. What am I saying here!!! I might find the perfect piece that I NEED so that would never do. See, it is a losing battle before I have begun, lol.


Betty J in OKC said...

I hope to see you at the quiltshow today. I'm the one dragging around a leopard print suitcase on wheels for the FQs I *might* purchase. I'm going cash-only too and am leaving my CC hidden. LOL!

Cheryl said...

Leave your credit card at home ... glad you thought about that :-)!! Who can resist a quilt show.