Monday, January 21, 2008

Challenge Week # 7

I did get to do a little work this week on my challenge quilt, but not much. I had taken it down from the design wall and am having a terrible time figuring out how I had it laid out, lol. I did mark the rows, but I screwed up some and had to take most of it out.

This is the pitiual progress I have made this week. Oh, well, I have until next Monday. Looks like it is going to take it to get it finished.

Update: I forgot to mention my partners in crime. I am sure they are through, and just waiting on me. Be sure to visit Lisa , Nicole and Cindy to see their progress.


Red Geranium Cottage said...

Excuse me Ms. Purple hair, did you not forget to dance in the aisles because YOUR TEAM won yet again??? Or are you worn out from all the excitement?? Carol and I are sitting here reading blogs and we are wondering why no excitement.

Lisa D. said...

Yikes - I hate it when I take something down and forget where I was. I'm sure you'll pull through and have the most beautiful quilt when you are done!