Thursday, January 3, 2008

More YUK!!!

I must have done something wrong, like not eat black eyed peas on New Year's Day. I decided to try that to change my luck! Hah! It made it worse I think.

My 2Wire modem finally came in this morning. By 5 pm when my daughter came by and I asked her a question about it, I had had it. I had spent 2 hours on the phone with AT&T and 30 minutes on the phone with their "solution" which was to spend 99.00 for a year's online support. It would not be nice to tell you what I told her, I guarantee, lol. The tech could not figure out why it wouldn't connect like "they" guaranteed it would.

She finally figured out what was wrong with it and got both mine and Aud's on wireless again. However, since I have become the Mad Hatter from Hell as far as keeping up with where I put things and not being able to remember when I find something, where I put it so I can "find it", I am not able to get my wireless printer to connect because I can't find the "you know what kind of" installation cd. So another fruitless 2 hours on the phone with HP and tech staff that I can't understand and they can't understand my southern accent, we finally agreed to send me an installation CD for a "small" fee.... The poor person dealing with me says it will be there in 2 days, on the 9th. I asked for his supervisor, he puts me on hold for the umpteenth time, comes back on the phone and says it will be here on Saturday.

Anybody that believes that is as nutty as I am....I will almost guarantee I will not get it until at least Monday. So I am at least not tied to a land line, but I can't print! And that means it has been 2 weeks since I have been able to print, and will be one more! AAARRRRRGGGGGHHHH!!

My purple hair looks real good with my red face!!!!! And to top it all off, I have lost my weather pixie on my blog.


Julia said...

Computer issues can be the most frustrating thing to deal with. Hang in there and I hope that your luck soon changes. Sending calming thoughts your way.

Mama Koch said...

Glad my tech support lives just 1/2 mile from me!

kcamou said...

Oh, I am so feeling for you right now. I don't handle computer problems or lousy tech support well at all. Hubby ends up on the phone with me giving my very loud opinions in the background. I really hope it is all sorted out soon!

Betty J in OKC said...

I think you can print 10 or 15 pages FREE at our local library. Any more pages are like .03 each. Maybe that'll help you if you DESPERATELY need to print some pages. :)

Kimberly Jolly said...

Perry - let's dye your hair all purple and change your luck!!!