Monday, January 7, 2008

Lemon Pie and Computer Woes cont.

I was reading the Jolly Jabber last night and catching up on what was going on with Kimberly's guest writers, and ran across Debbie's Grasshopper Pie. I remember eating those a long time ago, but seeing that recipe made me really hungry for the lemon pie I used to make with Eagle Brand. The more I thought of that pie, the more I "had" to make one. So I did. Is this not a gorgeous pie? And it tastes so good!!! Sorry, I am not saving you a piece of it.

It has been so long since I have really done very much cooking, but as Aud gets older and her stamina goes down I find myself cooking more often. Sure cuts into my quilting or goofing off time though. I also made some little cocktail weiners to take to a Christmas party with my Quilting Bee that didn't happen when the ice storm came through in December. Didn't take a picture of them, they weren't real interesting, lol.

And the latest with the printer installation. I was talking to someone earlier and they asked me what I was doing. I said I was gathering up my nerve to attempt to install the printer on my network. She laughed and said, bye, I don't want to talk to you while you are doing that. Wonder why? EODLOL

First of all, I had to find the cable to connect via USB ports. Ok, I found that, and tried my old CD that I finally found this weekend. It is asking me all of these questions that I don't know, so I decide to open the Fed Ex envelope that finally came today and get the new CD out, thinking that "might" solve my problems.

Are you ready for this? Guess what was in there? A CD to install Bluetooth. Can you believe it? I was so "___________"(you put whatever words you want to in there, I think I said them all)
I was ready to scream. So I called HP and one hour and 20 minutes later "supposedly" they are going to refund my money and I don't have to mail the Bluetooth CD back.

I talked to the supervisor, and I couldn't understand him very well either, and asked him if he was in India, and he said "yes". I don't want to step on anyone's toes, and I don't care that the techs are in India, but HP is hiring people that can't speak English very well and don't understand the US vernacular of English well enough to converse with me. I have a Texas and southern accent and evidently they don't understand ME at all. You should have seen the name on the package I got from them. I can't even pronounce it.

I still can't find the HP manual I need to install this CD with, so I emailed my computer smart daughter and asked her to stop by tomorrow and pretty please install this thing before I go bananas. She is so busy I am not sure she will, so I am not real sure what I will do then. I can't believe I can't even install my own printer.....I will never, ever have The Geek Squad from Best Buy set up anything for me anymore. They charge too much, don't know what they are doing, and you can't follow what they have done when you need to make changes. Live and learn. I think I am too old to have to be learning. Ok, enough ranting for this night. I am going to get off of here and play some Word Whomp to calm me down before I go to bed.

UPDATE: My wonderful daughter came by and fixed my wireless printer connection Monday afternoon!!! I am so excited. I can function again!!! YEA!!!!

For those of you who are fans of LSU, they won the BCS bowl. Congratulations. However, I am really sorry about that, as I don't care for Les Miles, lol. Oh well, like I said about the Sooners, there is always next year.


Julia said...

Can you go online to HP's website and get what you need? Just a thought, maybe you have already tried that.

Lisa D. said...

Gosh, how frustrating! I'm glad your daughter could help you get your printer back functioning again!

Red Geranium Cottage said...

Perry, I hear you on the India thing. Hubby has called at least 5 times about my Dell computer and same thing. They are all in INDIA!!! What do we not have people here who can do this job? It irks us too.
Glad all is ok now though. And that pie looks sooooo yummy.

Cindy said...

That is one of the reasons I won't buy from Dell anymore. At least it is fixed now. Get sewing now.

Nicole said...

Isn't it handy to have computer techs in the family? Thank goodness everything got straightened out!